Carter's Salon

1350 14th Ave Suite 307
Grafton, WI

User Reviews

Stylist: Lynet

I was really looking forward to getting my haircut as this stylist had some good reviews. Well, it was an awful experience. She referred to my hair as "frog fur", NOT a complement! The cut was haphazard at best and it stuck out in odd places. I went back and had someone else "fix" it, but was very unhappy. It was also very expensive. I would not recommend this stylist. I am back to looking for someone who knows how to cut all types/textures of curly hair. :(

Reviewed on 10.27.09

Stylist: Jessica

I am not happy at all with the cut. I told her that I wanted to try bangs and ended up looking like a poodle with no layers at all between my bangs and length. It really looked horrible and I had to go somewhere else 6 weeks later b/c I couldn't stand it. She does not have much knowledge or insights to curly hair either and she was just doing another cut.

Reviewed on 10.07.09

Stylist: Lynet

After my stylist told me she was leaving the Milwuakee area I panicked about going through the process of finding someone who can cut and color curly hair. Lynet is great and has taken the time for advanced education at Graham Webb Academy in St. Paul, MN for curly hair cutting and styling. She is very nice, makes you feel very comfortable, and offers great advice. I love my haircut and color. I'm very Happy and Carter's is a great salon. Congrats on being named in "Milwaukee Magazine" Full service salon in a neat location. I can't say how pleased I am. Thanks Lynet.

Reviewed on 12.29.06