Anaala Salon Hilldale

562 N Midvale Blvd
Madison, WI

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Stylist: Sarah Zell

Hello all, this is Sarah Zell Sutter, and I rate myself a 5 because I do my own hair every day! I would first of all like to thank naturally curly for all of the new client friends I have met over the years and thank each of you for your valuable feedback. I wanted to let you all know that I am no longer at this salon, but would love to continue to meet your curly girl needs. ckeck out szs hair design on facebook, or message me through this website. Thanks again!

Reviewed on 02.17.13

Stylist: Sarah Zell

I went to Sarah about 2 weeks ago and am really happy with my cut. I have curly 3a/b hair and she gave me a good cut, getting off my dry ends and making my hair lay well. My curls look great, and I've received a lot of complements on it. Being a curly girl herself, Sarah really seemed to understand the challenges of curly hair. The only problem I had was with the products which are Aveda, some of which contain sulfates and silicones, but in their defense, I didn't ask that products containing those ingredients not be used (which I will next time). All in all a good experience and I'll go back.

Reviewed on 06.24.12

Stylist: Sarah

Throughout my life, I've had stylists say they know how to cut curly hair but they never really understood how different it is from straight hair. Sarah sat me down and explained that she has curly hair, her daughter has curly hair, and had photos up of herself through the years. We traded stories of 80s hair and joked around about bangs and dippidee do. I felt safe in her hands. I asked for many layers and she explained why that wouldn't work well for me. I know now that I will always look best with long layers and greatly appreciate the advancement in hair products.

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Sara

Please note that this review is VERY picky and I need to say up front that Sara, my stylist, was VERY nice and this is in no way meant to reflect on her as a person. Sara gave me a good, basic cut and does know quite a bit about curly hair. I was a bit surprised that she shampooed my hair, even though #1 I told her that I just showered and #2 I told her that I don't use shampoo. (She gave me reasons why I should use shampoo, but, for the most part, shampoo is still against my curly girl religion.) She was very concerned about time and watched the clock a lot. When she was done, I was charged for a shampoo and blow dry, even though I only went in for a cut and I asked her not to blow dry my hair(I left wet). I didn't know that I was charged for this until I got home and looked at the salon's price list and I did not call back to complain because overall, the experience was good. Note: I am SUPER picky about my hair so read this with that in mind. The stylist put a very smelly, sticky product in my hair and I had to go home and rinse it out because the smell was overpowering. (It was an Aveda product in a small, gray bottle.) As I examined my cut, I noticed that my hair was not evenly layered all around. I bought a pair of styling sheers and cut the front to match, which worked just fine. Sara admitted that she only cuts hair part time, so you may want to make your appointment with someone else. She was very nice and showed me some styling techniques, which was a bonus, but I won't be back.

Reviewed on 11.13.09

Stylist: Sarah Zell

I had my hair cut and partial highlights done by Sarah Zell. She was fantastic and really knew what she was talking about, i.e. used correct curly hair terminology. I was a little leery at first because she had straight hair (I feel better when the stylists have curly hair themselves), but she showed me photos of her curly hair. After the cut and color, she described how and why she was styling my hair the way she did, as well as showed me new, curly hair styling techniques. Lastly, she pointed out curly hair friendly Aveda products, and described her personal experience with the products. I truly felt that my hair was cut by an experienced expert, someone who knew what she was talking about from personal experience. I definitely plan to use Sarah in the future and would recommend her to others!

Reviewed on 11.09.09

Stylist: Sarah

I had my hair cut last weekend at the newly-named Anaala salon at Hilldale. Sarah did a great job listening to what kind of cut I wanted and re-shaped my curlies into a bouncy 'do. She has curly hair herself and seems to want women to embrace their curls. I'm definitely going back!

Reviewed on 02.02.09

Stylist: Angela

After four long years of hearing, "Oh honey, you don't have curly hair, let's dry it straight." from one stylist or another, Angela is a true breath of fresh hair! She listened to every word I said about my hair concerns and took each one into account as she first real "cut" in two years (I'd had trims home, from my DH). She didn't stop there...with an actual styling lesson at the end, she showed that she has a true knowledge of not only curly hair, but hair in general. I'll definitely be seeing Angela again in the future!

Reviewed on 07.22.08

Stylist: Kim

I just had a great haircut with Kim at the newly-opened Ananda Salon at Hilldale Shopping Center. I knew I was in for a nice surprise when I saw the gorgeous curls on the woman whose hair she was finishing up. Kim listened to what I wanted and did a great job - it's the best haircut I've had in years. She seems to really love to work with curls. :)

Reviewed on 05.25.07