Amy's JZT Salon

311 N Monroe Street
Monticello, WI

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Stylist: Amy

Amy is amazing!

Reviewed on 08.07.06

Stylist: Amy

AMY IS QUEEN!!! I am at the point that I am considering flying to her every few months just to get a cut.... she is great with curly hair, and runs a very cozy salon there in Monticello. I've noticed many other salons in that are all frill and no skill.... Amy will definately be able to take care of you! She's also great with color, listens to what you want, but also gives you her opinion and discusses what is workable for your hair. She IS NOT ONE OF THOSE STYLISTS that gives you the perfect cut and style only to send you home without the ability to re-style the same way.... she knows curly hair and is one of the 2 best stylists I've ever had in my life.

Reviewed on 07.21.06