715 S University
Carbondale, IL 62901

User Reviews

Stylist: Sabrina

Sabrina is still at Visions and is still a pro at cutting curly hair! I brought my own products so I wouldn't waste time reading a ton of their labels and she was happy to use them and did an amazing job cutting my mid-back length hair to just above my shoulders. She immediately knew to cut it longer than expected to see how it would shrink up and even offered to let me come back after a week or more to have it cut shorter if I wanted, free! All-in-all, a great stylist at a cool salon at pretty good prices. Carbondale-area curlies should definitely check it out.

Reviewed on 12.12.09

Stylist: Sabrina

Like most people with curly hair I would get a hair cut and feel the tears coming on as I was leaving the salon (for both the haircut and the waist of money!). Five years ago I stumbled upon Sabrina at a different salon and loved her so much that I followed her to Visions. My hair looks amazing after a visit to Sabrina! She has naturally curly hair herself and understands what you want, though she has also given me some pretty awesome straight styles too. She's also a great colorist - and the price is amazing. I highly recommend anyone in the So IL area to check her out!

Reviewed on 03.19.08