Beaute Business

4311 Rue Saint-Denis
Montreal, H2J 2K9

User Reviews

Stylist: Heathcliff

Although he might be recommended for fair to wavy types of hair, I definitely do NOT recommend Heathcliff hair salon for curly hairtypes. I went not so long ago to get a hair trim and specifically asked to keep the length as is. As I doubted previous hair stylists, I asked repeatedly that I wanted to keep my volume and avoid frizz. So he told me that the haircut wouldn't change the frizz and proceeded to cut long strands of hair. I probably lost about 2 to 3 months of hair growth and some curls got frizzed-up because of how he cut into the hair. 80$ later, I decided to cut my hair on my own from now on.

Reviewed on 08.11.13

Stylist: audeline

Ok i was never so dissapointed in a hair cut and hair style. I called and asked for someone whom new about curly hair style products and they refferred me to audeline. Audeline is friendly but doesnt know anything about curly hair what so ever and even less for products for curly hair. He maded my hair look like shubbakka and even tried to convince me it looked good, two minutes later he admitted it really didnt look good i had to style my own hair . I was never so upset to pay nearly 80$ for the worse hairstyle and hair cut ever. Beware of audeline.

Reviewed on 04.06.12

Stylist: Kelly

Kelly at Beauté Business in Montréal is awesome! She cut my 4a4b hair into a very flattering shape. We discussed the importance of hydration. She took the time to twist my hair (quite a feat) and all with a very sunny disposition. I highly recommend her to anyone with afro textured, curly, redhead (she is one herself)and anyone who thinks they might have "difficult hair". Her solution is to work with and love what you have. Thanks! from Gillian, Mtl,QC

Reviewed on 08.04.09

Stylist: Heathcliff

I am extremely picky when it comes to my hair, and I usually get a Ouidad haircut in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, but I haven't been able to make it in a while. I decided to give this salon a try for colour, and the colour technician told me that Heathcliff was very good at cutting curly hair. She was right! The cut was very close to a Ouidad haircut, at a fraction of the cost, and Heathcliff is super nice. I highly recommend him.

Reviewed on 02.09.09

Stylist: Chris

I highly recommend Chris at Beaute Business on St Denis in Montreal for a great curly cut. His cut is very affordable and he cut a beautiful shape for my short curly hair. He has tuns of ideas and he will work with you to design a look that fits your face. He's also personable and doesn't throw products at you. I was very impressed that he didn't offer to blow dry my hair straight. I've been searching for a curl-friendly stylist since I moved to Montreal, and he is it- he really showed that he understands curly clients.

Reviewed on 03.05.08