Modifi Salon and Massage

100 West Parrish Lane
Centerville, UT 84014

User Reviews

Stylist: Gaylene (Color Specialist, Stylist, and Owner)

Gaylene is a great stylist, the owner of Modifi and appears to have a great staff helping her. Gaylene worked with Lanza for about 12 years. Lanza products are AWESOME, if you haven't tried them. I've used them since I was 18ish. I'm now 26, so yeah, they're good. Buy them! This salon is one of few left that seems to carry Lanza, so I was excited to learn that. This was my first visit. This salon is relaxed and comfortable, but still has nice products and great service. Gaylene did a nice job and she did so very quickly. She is also VERY friendly. The trim I got was about $21. The products are priced about what I would expect in a Salon. I haven't tried it, yet, but they also do massages and manicures. They also keep info about local bridal/health/beauty events. Modifi is located in the Same shopping Center as the Albertson's in Centerville. Just get on I-15. If you're going North you'll take exit 319 and make a right, then Albertson's will be a couple blocks down on your left.

Reviewed on 03.08.08