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User Reviews (12)

Stylist: MARTY

MARTY IS RELOCATING! I was in to see Marty last week and he told me he was moving to a new salon! I know how hard it was for me to find him so now that I have...I certainly will follow him to DABURN SALON...1073 Cambie Street.

REVIEWED BY: mllock  |  5.28.10

Stylist: Marty

I LOVE my haircut, or my "no cut cut" ;) hehe I don't remember exactly what he said. Anyways I love my cut-it's amazing :] the thinning out was done at the bottom where I needed it and everything was evened out beautifully. He really understood curly hair and was VERY helpful/& informative!! He did a great job and I learned a few new things. The salon itself was really nice-kind of like an apartment suit. It was great :) unfortunately Marty is leaving to work somewhere else :( I really want to follow him I'll have to see if I can afford it since I can't work yet-it cost me 73 bucks-I gave him 80-wish I tipped him higher though :S the "base price" is $50 for a cut (he did condition it after because he cut my hair dry :) ) the base price at the new place for senior stylists is $65. I really hope I can afford it-he is much worth it. My hair looks great-a lot lighter :) I recommend Marty, friendly and great at what he does :]

Stylist: Marty

Marty is great! He listened to what I wanted, and gave good suggestions. His shaping was perfect, and when I styled my hair at home, I loved it! I highly recommend a visit to Marty if you have curly hair.

Stylist: Marty Boechler

I was visiting Vancouver on business and had free time, so I checked this site for a recommendation. I decided to go with Marty since so many others have endorsed him. Naturally users did not disappoint! Marty was great and I really enjoy the cut he has given me. I have very thick, very big hair. The bulk of my curl is in the back of my head, and when I turn to the side, my profile is ridculous; I have more hair than face. Marty asked lots of questions and recommended shorter layers in the back to help manage the squirrel's nest I had going on back there. He cut my hair dry, which I love, and then cleaned it up again when it was wet. The result, as my co-worker described, makes the back of my head look like my hair is one length. It's also no longer bulky and the layers in the front are fabulous as well. I'll definately be back in Vancouver for business and I wiil definately be back to see Marty.

REVIEWED BY: hadola  |  9.24.09

Stylist: Marty

I have been a client of Marty's for a few years now. I have followed him from Stratosphere to the foot of Granville Bridge and now to his home at Burke and Co. I have been very happy with his technique and styling products. He cuts your curly hair dry which most people are not use to. It makes sense as the curl is different when wet. I have always found Marty listens to me and I often bring a picture of what I am looking for. The salon is intimate and I find they are always on time and they do not rush the appointments like some of the bigger salons. I just wanted to put my two cents in as there are some not so positive responses on here. My suggestion is to bring in a picture(s), that way he is not guessing what you want. It's all about communication! PS I have not had color or highlights done-only cuts. Cindy Kitsilano

Stylist: Marty

After two cuts, I realized that Marty is not for me and my super fine, wavy hair. Like another reviewer, I don't feel Marty 'gets' my hair or really understands wavy/curly hair. Both cuts were almost identical. And, he really didn't do much with the top part and front of my hair (it's quite long). So, I felt like I had half hair cuts with extensive layering on the bottom half (the kind that makes my hair kinky rather than curly so it was the wrong type of layering).

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  11.6.07

Stylist: Marty

I have been a client of Marty's for about five years now. After reading the (very) few negative comments on here I thought I would respond in his defence. Marty has always listened to what my needs are and has always given me what I want. Or has made suggestions that always work. Marty is not the type of person that would not respond to emails or give people "ugly" or unrealistic hairstyles. Perhaps these people just didn't like the STYLE that was chosen(which doesn't mean it's a BAD haircut). Everyone has different hair and when it comes to curls even more so. After reading all the other bad reviews on here it makes sense that the people with the most positive ones ARE better despite the occasional "bad" review. I for one have nothing bad to say...I enjoy seeing Marty and am always happy!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  10.18.07

Stylist: Marty Boechler

I went to Marty Boechler at Burke & Hair after reading more than one bad review on this site, and in retrospect I think I did it because he had the most reviews, which I see now was an error of judgment. I wish now that I hadn’t let this man near my hair, and I urge you not to either. The haircut I got from Marty Boechler last Friday is the worst I've ever had in my life. The "lesbian mullet" someone mentioned in another review is descriptive. He seems to have ideas about how hair behaves that simply are not borne out in reality. He left long pieces hanging out of this cut in random places. When I pointed them out, he told me that they would curl up later. I waited a few days before chopping them off out of morbid fascination with such bad work. I simply can't believe how bad this cut is. I'm exploring creative use of barrettes and hair clips as never before. I'm glad I telecommute now and don't have to face an office full of people. And thank God hair does grow back. When I went to see him last Friday, he told me he had gotten many referrals from this site. I hope this review prevents at least a few people from making the same mistake I did. If you know of anyone else good in Vancouver, post a positive review, and if you do go to Marty, after you've worked through the shock and trauma, please post your experience so that this doesn't have to happen to anyone else. Thanks.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  5.30.07

Stylist: Marty

I've been going to Marty for a while now. He always has done a wonderful job. Yesterday I went to see if we could do something "new". I needed a change. I never have had many choices when it comes to different styles, but with Marty the options are endless! I came home with a new look and feeling wonderful. No need to fear. Go to Marty and leave your hair in his capable hands.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  4.19.07

Stylist: Marty

I went to Marty based on the recommendations from this site. I am sorely disappointed! I just moved to Vancouver and was/still is hesitant about seeing a new stylist after having a good one back home for the last 6 years. I left the salon, kinda liking my hair, as he took his time to style it. I did tell him I'm a wash-n-go kinda gal. The next week after that was a nightmare! If I didn't look like a poodle, I looked like Sophia from Golden Girls. He was nice enough to email me asking how I liked my new cut, when I emailed him back, indicating I wasn't happy with it, he never replied.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  4.12.07

Stylist: MARTY

Yes! This is the same Marty from STRATOSPHERE. He recently moved to this new smaller salon in Gastown and with all the recommendations here online I'm sure all us curly girls will follow.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  1.12.07

Stylist: Marty Boechler

I moved from Toronto to Vancouver last year and had to find a new stylist. I found recommendations for Marty at this site and made an appointment. I knew it would take a few cuts before he 'knew' my hair, but I think he has magic scissors! Each cut just gets better and better! I brought a picture to my last appointment to see what Marty thought of the style on me. He worked his magic and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the result. I even e-mailed him the day after to let him know how happy I was with the cut. I love that Marty dry cuts my hair first and then gives the most wonderful, relaxing scalp and neck massage when washing my hair. He always uses and recommends (NOT PUSHES) wonderful products. I've never been disappointed. The entire experience is a treat for me. Marty recently left Stratosphere Salon and I will definitely be following him to his new salon. No way I'm losing such a wonderful and talented stylist!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  1.11.07