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Stylist: Linda

Love, love, love Linda! My curls have never been sassier! She listened intently to what I wanted from a cut and what I wanted to achieve with a look and then she meticulously cut my hair giving each curl it's own place on my head. LOL They were soooo fighting each other before! :) Strangely, my hair seems almost curlier afterwards! Okay, I live in NC and visit my brothers in VT several times a year... I will now have to put Linda in my plans for each visit. Hooray!

Reviewed on 08.28.10

Stylist: Linda

After reading the review on Linda I decided to cancel my appointment at another salon and give her a try. She was very nice and personable and took the time to discuss my hair with me before my cut and explained to me why my hair was doing the things I hated. She gave my hair a treatment while washing, which smelled fabulous by the way, and took her time cutting my hair. I received the best haircut of my life! My hair is no longer flat at the top and full and bulky in the middle and the bottom. It looks amazing and everyone at work commented on it. I gave her free reign and she gave me such a great cut I don't even want to put it in my standard ponytail. I HIGHLY recommend her.

Reviewed on 07.10.09

Stylist: Linda

Since finding this website and reading the reviews for the Burlington area, I decided to try Linda at Rapunzel. I'm always so hesitant to try new stylists because not many REALLY know how to cut curly hair. I believe Linda did a fabulous job on my hair. I've been back to her twice and I'm still very happy with the results. She's very friendly and will listen to your suggestions or ask questions about any pic you may bring to illustrate the hair style you are trying to achieve. Good Luck! PS: If you decide to try some others, call the salons. I've found that some of the stylists that were reviewed were no longer with that salon.

Reviewed on 01.30.09

Stylist: Linda

I began seeing Linda when I first discovered naturallycurly.com and started learning about curly hair. A couple of stylish women in my husband's office have very curly hair, and over the span of a month they both got new curly 'dos. My husband thought their hair looked so great he said, ""you should check out where the girls go!"" I've been going ever since. Linda's hair is straight, but she has great instincts for curly hair. She's not deva trained, and cuts hair wet. When I got my haircut today, I noticed a curly girl leaving after her appointment with Linda. As my time was finishing, I noticed a mother with a very curly child waiting for her in the waiting area. I turned and asked Linda, ""hey, how did you become the queen of the curly girls, anyway?"" She laughed and said, ""I have NO idea! Word of mouth, I guess."" Linda is very personable and is not afraid of the curls, girls! I highly, highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 03.05.08