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Stylist: Tess

I highly recommend Tess, if you have curly hair! She cut my hair for 6 years until I moved away and I miss her consideration and p****ion for working with my extremely curly hair (that most stylists have no clue how to handle). Tess is very knowledgeable and s****ed at her craft and she really helped me love my hair again. She listens to what you want but can also offer great suggestions. Thanks Tess, I'm forever grateful for all your love and care!

Reviewed on 06.10.18

Stylist: Tess

Tess knows curly hair and gives the best cuts! I've lived all over the U.S. and every time I have moved I have had difficulty finding someone who can give a good curly haircut. Until I found Tess! I have been going to Tess for over 4 years and have been so pleased with the way my hair behaves (and "behaves" is an important word for curly hair). No two curly heads are the same and Tess understands that and customizes the cut for the texture, length, facial features, etc. of each client. I love her haircuts!

Reviewed on 06.18.14

Stylist: Tess Onorato

In response to the post dated 9/22/13 by eitsew~Sadly, this "review" is not a legitimate testimonial by an actual client. I have confirmed evidence that this is a malicious attack posted by a former disgruntled staff member. I am proud of the fact that all of us here at Signature Styles are highly trained in the art of cutting and styling curly hair. We continue to hone our skills through workshops and trainings~most recently an advanced master cutting class given by Alana York, founder of Use Me products (specific for curly hair). Note: we never use direct heat to dry curly hair!! It's disappointing to learn that a valuable website designed to assist customers in their search for great stylists and products, is being used as a platform for personal retaliation. Tess Onorato/Signature Styles

Reviewed on 03.21.14

Stylist: Tess

I am proud to say that I finally love my curls thanks to Tess. After several years of having no clue how to style my hair, and always just pulling it into a bun, and being afraid of volume, I now love the playful fun styles Tess taught me how to do, and I love that! Tess took a lot of time with me helping me to understand my curly hair and not be afraid of it. Plus all the great products Signature Styles carries for us Curly haired girls helps me to look fabulous and I can honestly say I love my hair! Thanks Tess you made my Life!!!!!

Reviewed on 03.18.14

Stylist: Tess Onorato

I hate my hair now!! I scheduled an appointment with Tess based on the other reviews on this site. I thought I was going to leave with an awesome cut but got the opposite. I walked IN loving my hair (knowing that I needed the ends freshened up) and left looking like a poodle that just stuck her paw in a light socket!!!! It was such a BAD experience. I was looking forward to having my hair done by 'someone who knows how to cut curly hair' - and I was looking forward to getting a 'Curly-Girl' style DRY cut. Instead Tess told me that she didn't believe in that method - my hair would only look good that day and horrible the next. I trusted her - she wet my hair and then started cutting and cutting and cutting..... I was freaking out on the inside but tried to stay calm. And- she wouldn't stop talking - I could hardly get a response in! Then she starting to dry my hair and I mean DRY - highest heat ( to the point of burning my skin). I was a total frizz ball. I was so embarrassed!!! I used to love my hair before this haircut. Now I'm trying to deal with it while it grows out - to the point that I have to dry it straight (which I DON'T want to do!) just to look have way decent! I will never, ever, ever, EVER go back to her or recommend her! Be warned!

Reviewed on 09.22.13

Stylist: Tess

I just moved back to Montpelier after 20 years in NY and I had no hopes of finding a stylist who would understand my messy hair. I went to Tess based on reviews posted on this site, and I'm soooooo glad I did! I had no idea what I wanted, I just knew that my hair was a mess. Tess took over and not only gave me a wonderful cut, but she spent so much time explaining what she was doing, and showing me how to do it myself. I am definitely not going anywhere else!

Reviewed on 04.07.12

Stylist: Tess

I recently moved to Montpelier and was dreading finding a stylist who can cut curly hair. Tess really does understand curly hair. Even though I didn't have a good concept of what I wanted myself, I left with a flattering cut.

Reviewed on 10.10.11

Stylist: Tess

If you find yourself in this area and your curls are dragging, sagging, or (God forbid) WAVING, treat yourself to a perm and cut with Tess at Signature Styles. Tess REALLY GETS curls! I favor a long, loose, ringlety look that layers gently down to my shoulders. Invariably people envy me for my naturally, curly hair. (Although one woman, more astute because she was desperate, and had just moved up from D.C., took one look at me in the library and demanded: "WHO does your hair? Because she's GOT to do mine!") And she did. I've been going to Tess for years, and I guess if she left the area I'd have to shave my head. That's how spoiled I am. (Naturally) curly yours, Tami Calliope

Reviewed on 11.06.09

Stylist: Tess

I moved back to Vermont after 12 yrs in December from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and I was worried about finding a good curly hair stylist in Vermont. But thanks to this website I found Tess. I went through sylist after stylist in the DFW area and never found anyone who understood or could properly cut my hair. Since Tess has been doing my hair I have had nothing but the best cuts and am happier than I have been in years with my hair. Hurray!

Reviewed on 06.17.09

Stylist: tess onorato

Just want to thank the customer from D.C. who wrote the testimonial on Tess @ Signature Styles. I have just moved to the area as well, and finding a new stylist is difficult, especially for clients with naturally curly hair. Tess understood exactly what I wanted, and gave me a great cut! Not only have I discovered a fantastic new stylist, she also carries my favorite product line designed for curly hair--Deva Curl! Thanks to this fabulous website for the referral! It has made the transition so easy! Now, can you help me find a new dentist....?

Reviewed on 01.25.09

Stylist: Tess Onorato

Tess is incredible! I have been to 4 different salons in the Washington, D.C. area and have gotten the same awful haircut at every single one. For some reason, none of those stylists would listen to me and insisted on leaving the top of my hair chin length, basically giving me a bob. I would end up with a curly bush that just made my face look even fatter than it is. And no matter how much I said that I wanted to keep my length, my hair kept getting shorter and shorter. Tess sat down with me before washing my hair, listened to what I wanted, and immediately saw the problem. I have a small forehead and not much of a neck either, so she could see that I needed shorter hair on top with a lot more layering to take out the bulk on the sides. Within 45 minutes, I had a beautiful haircut that I can already tell will grow out well. I was a bit apprehensive about moving to a small town from a large metro area, thinking it would be hard to find a hairdresser. Instead, I found gold! I would recommend Tess to anyone with curly hair.

Reviewed on 03.06.08