Gina Khan Salon in Walnut Creek

1255 South Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

User Reviews

Stylist: Hope

I first started going after the reviews on here to see Nicole. She doesn't work there anymore and I now use Hope as my stylist. Hope has curly hair herself and knows what is best for my hair. I decided that I wanted to grow my hair out, big mistake, my thick hair weighed down the curls and looked bad. Hope warned me that she didn't think long hair would be good for me. So when I came in recently she wasn't too surprised when I wanted my usual bob. She dry cuts first, then washes and makes sure everything is even. Then she styles the hair. I had a date last time and she spent a few extra minutes on me for it. I love that! She is really nice and a great stylist! Go see Hope! She only works on Wednesdays though! The other days she's in San Francisco.

Reviewed on 09.01.13

Stylist: Ainslie

Ainslie is a Jr. Stylst at Gina Khan but that doesn't mean that she's inferior! It just means a better price :) She was great with my hair, the 1st stylist I had ever been to who actually knew what she was doing with my curls. She showed me the best cut and style and my hair has never been the same since! It's a total transformation! I will definitely go back to her and have recommended her to everyone I know with curly hair.

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Nicole

I drove three hours to get to the salon after reading reviews about it (got a speeding ticket to boot) but it was SO WORTH IT!!! Nicole has thick curls in a very modern style herself, so I knew from the beginning I was in good hands. I was not disappointed. This is definately the best haircut I've had in years. Jackie was my colorist and I have always been conservative with highlights having dark brown hair, but I put myself in her hands and ended up with beautiful color that enhances my skin tone and just absolutely brightens up my entire face. I can't thank both of you ladies enough!

Reviewed on 01.04.09

Stylist: Nicole

I will get the specifics out of the way first. Cost: $96 Actual Worth: way more than that Rating: 6/5 stars I have 3b hair that I have not changed for years. It has always hovered above or below my shoulders. This time though I cut off 10 inches. I was really nervous about cutting my hair because I didn't really even know what it would do once it was short but once I entered the salon I was reassured that these people would know what to do. The people at the front desk were very friendly and helped me get settled with a robe and a cappuccino. Then I sat down to wait a few minutes for Nicole to collect me and take me to her station. I knew instantly that my cut would be good when I saw Nicole; she has incredibly curly hair and wears it as such. At her station she asked me what I wanted. I wanted something chin length (that would not poof out and make me look like a chipmunk), something that I could style in less than 10 minutes, and something that would not dampen my curls. That it exactly what I got. She started with a 'pre-style,' where she cut my hair dry. Then she washed my hair while I reclined in a massage chair. Then she finished it off with a wet cut to get it all right. During this time she showed me what kind of product I should use, different ways to wear my hair, and helped me understand why this cut worked with my facial structure. Gina Khan Salon was bright and cheerful and Nicole did a great job with my hair. A+

Reviewed on 07.29.08

Stylist: Hope

This review is difficult to write, because the truth will sound hyperbolic. Hope's haircuts are life-changing. I have fine frizzy hair that is curly in some places, wavy in some, straight in some, etc. On its own, it looks terrible. When cut by anyone but Hope, it looks terrible. After Hope, I suddenly have cute springy natural hair that does not require a huge effort at home. She starts by pre-cutting it dry, paying attention to the natural curl patterns and the shape of your face, and then she washes it and goes over the cut wet. She takes her time. She listens. I'm sure this sounds familiar, but I have had 20 talented stylists in LA cut my hair dry and then wet, and they just don't get it. They are stuck in some kind of box, and seem to be giving me a haircut that I'm sure worked great on someone else's curls. The Deva method does not work on my kind of hair; It leaves it looking scraggly, stringy, thin and uneven. (Maybe my hair's not curly enough? Or thick enough?) I have tried many LA stylists who came highly recommended on, and none have been able to give me a cut that fits my hair. Hope travels the country with the Gina Khan Salon, modeling her cutting techniques for other stylists. (Why can't she teach someone in LA???!!!!!!!!!) She works out of both the San Francisco and Walnut Creek salons. I have known several people, with curly AND straight hair, who have driven for hours and even flown to San Francisco to get their hair cut by Hope. When it comes to hair, she is an artist, a scientist, and a savior. She is incredibly talented, and I hesitate to write this review, because I fear that once the word is out online, I will never be able to get an appointment. This post is my sacrifice for the greater (curly) good.

Reviewed on 03.21.08