Kenworthy Salon

220 N Canon Dr # A
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

User Reviews

Stylist: Bob

Worst Hair Appointment EVER!I called to make an appt on a referral from a coworker and after reviewing on another site. I told the lady who answered the phone that I needed color correction and that I had curly hair and wanted someone who was good with color and curly hair. She referred me to Bob. When I went in, I had soft, blond great hair, I left with stringy, broken burned ashy brown hair with white streak for roots (after asking to remain blond, touch up the roots and a few lowlights and no ash colors at all - with showing him picture examples). I now have 3 large areas of burned scalp with huge nasty scabs on it, covering about 6 square inches of my head. When styling the $45 blowdry I asked for, he shook my hair outstraight and was about to comb it, to which I had to stop before he continued his plan to straighten and then curl my hair w/ a curling iron! I said - you've never styled curly hair before, have you? And he said that the only times he's done it people wanted it made curly with a curling iron! I ended up re-conditioning and styling myself at the salon but my hair was so stringy and burnt from what he did that not much could be done. Plus the salon does not even have a real diffuser on top of it all. Worst place I have ever been in my entire life. I am still searching for a good place in the LA area - first time went to Batia & Aleeza and they did the base on my hair that needed to be corrected - their cuts are ok but the color job was HORRIBLE, but at least they didn't make me look like a freak and burn my scalp like Bob did. I think I'll try Leo Freeman next.

Reviewed on 10.02.06