Gio's Hair Design 2

484 E College Ave
State College, PA 16801

User Reviews

Stylist: Amy

Amy was great. She gave my curly hair a great new shape, made the curls lay better, reduced the excess volume, and best of all got me onto the best product ever, Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner. I was skeptical at first, thinking there's no way I could go without a gel and be frizz-free. But it works! Finally I can get rid of all my many, many hair products and just have this one bottle of leave-in. I will definitely go back to Amy for future haircuts.

Reviewed on 01.17.13

Stylist: Amy

Amy is the best! Awesome at shaping and gives great advice!

Reviewed on 01.26.12

Stylist: Amy

If you have curly hair in the State College area, Amy is your girl. I had been trying to get someone to fix my hair for sometime when I decided to try Amy per the suggestion of others on this website. So glad I did. Amy got rid of what she called "puppy dog ears," or what I call the "Spinx" that happens when full, curly hair grows out (or is cut by someone who does not know now to cut curly hair.) Amy fixed me, I can actually wear my hair down now - and it looks awesome! I will keep going to her from now on.

Reviewed on 05.07.11

Stylist: Amy

Takes her time and styles to individualize for youe hair type.

Reviewed on 01.01.11

Stylist: Amy

I was traveling to Pittsburgh for my haircuts, which were good, but it consumed an entire day. But after this extremely snow filled winter, I had to find something closer to home. I found a great stylist in my own backyard!!! Amy was great, she took her time and did an excellent job! I have not had such a good haircut since my trip to Nick Arrojo in NYC. Also everyone at the salon was friendly and helpful.I have fine but extremely curly hair and it appears thicker and fuller since my cut, especially on the crown which can get weighted down as it gets longer. I have definitely found my stylist!! I didn't even have to take a day off work for my cut. Thanks Amy!!!

Reviewed on 03.17.10

Stylist: Amy

Amy is a rockstar! I have extremely thick, curly hair, and I've literally had other hairdressers cry trying just to put my hair in an updo. (Bare in mind, I didn't give them some specific shape, task, or picture, just asked them to do whatever hairstyle they were comfortable with for a formal event.) After a particularly bad haircut started to grow out again, I went to Amy on a whim during a trip to my alma mater. (I have previously went to Luc at the same salon when I had crazy short hair; he's great for men and women, particularly short styles.) After the first cut, I was hooked and continued to have her cut my hair for the next 3 years, even though I lived 4 hours away! Now that I've moved approx. 5 hours away, I think I really should try to find someone closer, but I am still looking for excuses to make the trip to Amy!

Reviewed on 04.03.08