10720 State Road 54
Suite 100
Trinity, FL 34655

User Reviews

Stylist: Natalie

Cabelo salon opened up 1 mile from me, very trendy, so I called and asked the very nice receptionist which of their stylist performed the most blonde highlights. She told me Natalie. So with 2 inches of dark brown roots I was desperate. WOW!!!! THE best highlights ever, perfect blond color, perfect amount, perfectly distributed and for a partial only $35!!!!!! Natalie moved from Los Angeles from a very upscale & popular hair salon there with many celebrity clients. She is celebrity 'beautiful' herself and extremely nice, I mean a REAL nice, not the fake hairsylist nice we've all experienced. I can't beleive I found this FANTASTIC colorist & stylist so close by. Trust me, I'm all about my hair, neurotic almost, so if I recommend someone it's because they are the best.

Reviewed on 04.08.08