Claire Marie Studio

2551 N. Clark St.
Suite 215
Chicago, IL 60614

User Reviews

Stylist: Claire Marie

Claire is the most knowledgeable and best hair stylist in the business in Chicago. Her cuts are superb, grow out looking fabulous and her color is exquisite. I lived in NYC for over 40 years and visited the top rated salons including Kenneth's when he was in business. Clair could teach all of them a thing or two. The person who complained about her cut must have been cutting her own hair for many years and not visiting good salons on a regular basis or she would be better able to recognize a good cut and the technique for giving one. I always have my hair cut wet as the stylist is better able to see how the hair curls and where the bends fall so as to be better able to shape the hair.  If a person is not pleased with what the stylist has done, she/he should immediately call the stylist to tell them what she/he feels is wrong and to ask that it be corrected. Clair is the sole owner of her salon and able to give total personalized service to her clients. I would recommend her to any one, but especially to those of you with naturally curly hair.

Reviewed on 07.31.15

Stylist: Claire Marie

She may understand how to color curly hair based on the other reviews. But she ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO CUT CURLY HAIR. I have long 3A type curls and I was just going in for a trim and I haven't had a hair cut this bad since before I understood my hair was curly. She kept pulling my curls to see if my hair was even and there is this weird puff in the front in her attempt to do layers. I waited about a month before writing this review to see if the cut grew on me or if it the layers became less abrupt. But it did not. On top of this when she styled my hair in the salon it was the worst it had ever looked. I will never let anyone wet cut my hair again!  

Reviewed on 06.04.15

Stylist: Claire Marie

Claire Marie cut my hair yesterday for the first time, and did a beautiful job. I'm 3B, and Claire explained to me so much about my hair I didn't know! Also, Claire's prices are extrememly reasonable.. I'll be back!

Reviewed on 08.15.13

Stylist: Claire Marie

My hair is 3A, naturally dirty blond/light brown. I went to Claire Marie as a new client, hoping for a nice cut and some natural-looking highlights. Claire really listened to what I wanted and considered several options for cut and color before starting. She did an excellent job overall, creating a very flattering new look with a few face-framing layers and adding some sparkle to my haircolor without making me look bottle-blond. She cut my hair wet but was very precise - she knew how to predict shrinkage and my hair didn't end up too short. Claire is not a subscriber to the CG doctrine; however, she understood my preference for CG-friendly products and gave me a style that will work without silicones and a blow dryer. To top it off, her rates are affordable. Highly recommended!

Reviewed on 08.19.11

Stylist: Claire Marie

I've been a client of Claire's since 1988. I walked into a salon and asked 'who can cut curly hair?' -- Claire very calmly said she could. It IS a special talent -- you have to understand hair, and you have to understand curly hair. Claire is the finest hair dresser with whom I've ever been associated, and I've followed her ever since to her current self-owned salon. If you want color that looks real and not flat and fake, Claire's your gal. What young hairdresser do you know these days who can do a precision haircut? They don't teach this in the schools anymore, so the younger hairdressers are just snipping away, not knowing what they're doing. And the precision cut is BACK. Her prices are way below what they could be and should be. Get a high-end salon cut, color, etc., without the high-end salon B.S. and prices. And get to KNOW your hairdresser, who then KNOWS your hair. Tell Claire how you want your hair to look; she'll know what to do. I couldn't be more passionate about her, and everyone I've sent to her ends up just as passionate. Claire is a scientist and an artist -- exactly who you want cutting and coloring and perming your hair. And, yeah, she does incredible perms. Everyone thinks my hair is naturally curly.

Reviewed on 08.29.10

Stylist: Claire Marie

I've never meant any hair stylist who knows more about hair chemistry than Claire Marie. She listens very well, tries new ideas to help solve problems. Terrific with curly hair but does all kinds; works with men too. She's personable and -- amazing -- charges much more reasonably than many who have far less to offer.

Reviewed on 04.17.08