Charisma Salon

73-425 El Paseo
Suite 23C
Palm Desert, CA 92260

User Reviews

Stylist: Linda

This is the third time I have tried to post my review of this salon. I submitted this salon because I want to warn people about it. My beautiful curly hair was destroyed when Linda took a razor to it. She claimed to really know how to cut curly hair. However she made my once beautiful hair an inch at the roots and increasingly longer as it moved to the ends. The ends were super thin. I have been growing it out for almost a year and it still looks terrible.

Reviewed on 05.10.08

Stylist: Linda

I am writing this to greatly warn you to never go to this hair salon and never especially go to Linda. Maybe they can cut straight hair, but my fine curly hair was destroyed for over a year by Linda. She razored it until it was two inches at the roots, then slightly longer until at the very ends it was super thin. Even nine months later I was left with kinky curls at my roots and thin strings that were barely curly for the last five inches. I went in with beautiful curls and left looking like I had a health problem. My parents asked if there was a health problem when they saw me four months after the cut. Other hair stylists don't know what to do with this screwed up mess. The really sad thing is I was charged 75 bucks plus tips for ruining my curls. I still haven't completely grown this out

Reviewed on 05.06.08