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Stylist: Elle

I have always struggled with my curly hair like most of us here. Always looking for the perfect hair stylist and paying insane amounts of money only to be disappointed. I was out walking one day in Soho and saw a woman who had the most gorgeous cut and same texture as mine!!! I approached her and complimented her on her cut and ask, "who does your hair?" She told me about her stylist "ELLE " who comes to her home. Told me how great she is. I thought, hmmmm....I'll give her a try. What do I have to loose at this point? I called her made a appt. for her to come to my house. I can't tell you how wonderful my hair looks and how happy I am with this cut. She can cut curly hair hands down!!! Never to be disappointed again!!! I will leave her info. here since she isn't in a salon. You can contact her @ or 646-210-4039

REVIEWED BY: htbltd  |  5.14.08