Maximus Salon

419 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

User Reviews

Stylist: Kym Chartrand

Kym is no longer with Maximus. She has opened her own salon in Santa Monica, called Salon of Curls. If you can afford her, she's WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! She and Michael work their own brand of curly magic on her. Go see Kym!!

Reviewed on 05.15.12

Stylist: Kym Chartrand

After using's "Salon Finder," I made an appointment with Ms. Kym Chartrand at Maximus Salon in Hermosa Beach. Her reviews were excellent, and she deserves them! Kym and her assistant Michael were professional, down to earth, and they truly understand how to cut and style curly hair. Kym listened to my tales of horrible haircuts, and she then thoroughly "reviewed" my mop of curls. I love that they follow the Deva method of cutting curly hair, and I will go back to Kym and Michael again (and again and again).

Reviewed on 04.12.11

Stylist: Kym Chartrand

Kym is an absolute master with curly hair. She literally dances around the curls, snipping here and shaping there. She is Deva trained, and will give you a headful of healthy curls that complement your features and lifestyle. She's also got personality to spare. She's sweet and patient, and will work with a client to get just the right look. She and her assistant Michael will leave you feeling and looking incredible. Go see KYM!!!

Reviewed on 12.21.10

Stylist: Kym Chartrand

Kym is great! Totally CG and Deva trained. I'm going for my second appointment in a couple of weeks.

Reviewed on 09.20.08

Stylist: Kym Chartrand

Had a second visit with Kym recently, as I had managed to go an impressive three months between haircuts (personal record for me, the haircut-obsessed)! I should mention - her first cut lasted that long... but it was time for the next step. Kym did an amazing job yet again, giving me exactly what I wanted. Even though it seemed like she hardly cut any hair, the end result has been a wonderfully shaped haircut, flattering to my hair and particular curl pattern. Definitely continuing to be pleased with Kym, and I still highly recommend her to anyone within driving distance of Maximus Salon!

Reviewed on 08.11.08

Stylist: Kym Chartrand

After much research on to try and decide whether to try an Ouidad cut or a Deva cut, I decided on a Deva cut. Kym was on time, professional, and totally 100% into the DevaCurl cuts and products. We had a lovely time, and Kym did THE most amazing job with my 2b curls! She listened carefully to my concerns, had me cut out magazine pics of hair I wanted to have down the road, and truly loves curly hair. I look forward to seeing her again!

Reviewed on 05.20.08