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User Reviews

Stylist: Aundrea and Rita

I tried another stylist after not being very happy with my cut with Aundrea. I was even more disappointed after the 2nd try. Both stylists were pleasant people, and listened to what I wanted and then tried to deliver. Problem being, they really DON'T know how to cut curly hair on people who want to wear it naturally. Neither stylist actually looked at MY curl pattern before cutting. Both insisted on straightening my hair to style it, with tons and tons of heavy-silicone laden products. (3 shampoos after BOTH visits, just to get rid of enough buildup that I didn't keep frizzing from the cones.) Even though both stylists stated they had naturally curly hair, both had their hair ironed when I saw them. So maybe their solution to naturally curly hair is to coat it with as many silicone products as they can find, and then flatiron it? They probably frequent this site and know all the right buzzwords,Curly Girl technique, not overwashing, avoiding cones, etc. But they just don't really know HOW to look at a natural curl pattern and work with it. I now have poodle-flaps over my ears after my hair dries naturally, which Rita never saw coming because she insisted on straightening my hair! And despite the claims of the stylists, receptionists, and other reviewers, I did not actually see a head of natural, not curled in with a flatiron, curls on the head of ANY stylist at that salon during my 2 visits.

Reviewed on 11.06.09

Stylist: Aundrea

Aundrea and I spent a few minutes chatting about what I was looking for, what would bring out the most curl and how much time I wanted to spend on my hair every day. She took the time to find out about me and my hair, and cut it in a way that will be super easy to care for. I haven't seen this much curl in my hair for a long time!

Reviewed on 11.24.08

Stylist: Sherribeth

You know you have a great cut when people tell you they love your hair. I wish I had gone to Tavernier's sooner. This is the first time I've had a great cut since I've lived here, which has been for two years. All the stylist have curly hair, so they know how to cut/work with it. If I were in a pinch and couldn't get an appointment with Sherribeth, I would feel completely comfortable having another one of their stylist cut my hair.

Reviewed on 05.26.08