John Jay

7600 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70118

User Reviews

Stylist: Nicky Keller

I've been searching for a month since I relocated to New Orleans for a new stylist who sctually knows how to cut curly hair and I finally found her, thanks to the review above! She cut my long thick curly-kinky hair dry, and now I have a lovely head of bouncy curls. I love my new haircut and I'm happy to have found my new stylist. And after all that great service, the haircut was as reasonably priced as I've ever seen. If you have curly hair, I strongly recommend that you try Nicky... if she can cut my crazy hair she can definitely cut yours.

Reviewed on 12.22.10

Stylist: Nicky Goutierez

Just got a GREAT haircut from Nicky today, and highly recommend her. Although I have 3C hair, my curls range from pencil-size ringlets to loose waves, and like may 3Cs, I've had my share of wedges and uneven haircuts. Agree with many of the "experts" quoted on this site, that people with really curly hair like mine, should have it cut dry, which is how Nicky cut it. As a consequence it fell perfectly when I styled--I like to bring/use my own gel (S-Curl topped with either JoiGel or Upper Management) because very few salons have them and they are the best one's I've discovered so far. Also have a friend who rocks a tapered afro (full on top, but tapering into a near fade in the back) and she cut it so perfectly, you would have thought he stepped off the set of "Shaft" or "The Mack", which is why I went to her in the first place.

Reviewed on 05.28.08