Mark Pardo - Juan Tabo

1100 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

User Reviews

Stylist: Desiree Marquez

I went to Desiree solely because of the review on here. (Thank you lilcoog!) I could not be happier with my hair. I have gone to countless stylists all over Albuquerque, and I have never been satisfied enough to make a second appointment. Well I hope to return to Desiree forever because she truly listened to what I wanted, looked carefully at the (many) pictures I had brought her showing her specifically what I wanted all around my long curly head, and gave me the PERFECT curly cut. She cut my hair dry which I requested, and combed out each tiny section with a fine tooth comb as snipped. No split-end-inducing razors used here! She somehow managed to give my curls beautiful shape and bounce and volume they have never seen before. Now we all know that no one can style our hair the way we can, thanks to the hours upon hours of studying, however she spritzed and scrunched my hair (still not washed upon my request)into pretty waves that I actually wore for the rest of the day. To top it all off, Desiree treated me like a long lost friend, we chatted and laughed the entire time. I HIGHLY recommend Desiree to ANYONE here in Albuquerque with curly hair. She's undeniably fabulous. I will no longer have nightmares about split ends and triangle head because I have found her!!!!

Reviewed on 08.13.10

Stylist: Desiree Marquez

Desiree really knows how to treat curly hair! She really listens to what you want, need and think, and she won't cut too much. She's a great person-- patient, and has absolutely no "hair-diva-attitude". Everything she does, as far as I know, is what they do in the Curly Girl book and at Devachan. She cuts dry, goes in and deals with each curl, understands that you don't cut curly like straight, cuts the top canopy last, and then sprays with a little water and Aveda leave-in to reactivate your curl. She's the only person I've ever found who gives me a haircut that I feel good about.

Reviewed on 05.28.08