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  • 166 Geary St Suite 1508
    San Francisco, CA 94108
    United States
    (415) 788-5020
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User Reviews (2)

Stylist: Noushin

I went to this salon the get a Brazilian treatment. About a month after I am still losing my hair. I have half my hair volume left. DO NOT GO here or risk going through what I'm going through - every day I pick up a handful of hairs from the bathroom floor. Also read that in Canada they banned this treatment!

Stylist: David Reposar

I have followed David through three salons, to his own business at Chateau 1508. He helps me get what I want from my hair, which as much curl as possible with as little daily styling as possible (wash, leave-in conditioner, product, done). In addition, he helps teach me how to get a more formal curly look for going out (and squeezes me in for styling on those special occasions).

REVIEWED BY: jtw  |  5.28.08