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401 Primrose Rd Ste J
Burlingame, CA 94010

User Reviews

Stylist: Lisa Huffman

I've been going to Lisa from 95-04. I've sinced moved out of the area and haven't gotten a great haircut since. She isn't cheap ($72 w/o tip), but she is well worth it. She is about style, shape, and what works best for your face but without the ego. She is professional. I tried over the years to get a less expensive and closer stylist but always ended up back with Lisa (she knew my dilema). I didn't always like the way she dried my hair unless it was straightened with an iron, but ALWAYS went home with a great cut I could flawlessly work with. I received 10 times more compliments with Lisa's hair cuts then with any other stylist. Nuff said.

Reviewed on 07.30.06