Harper's Hair Studio

1203 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

User Reviews

Stylist: Christina

Christina has been my hairstylist since 2006--and I won't trust anyone else to cut my hair at this point!  Not only is she outgoing and friendly (as stated in dezecurls' excellent review), but, she's S'wavy herself and wears her hair S'wavy!  She's also CG-friendly, carries Jessicurl products in her salon, and is very open to what I tell her about what I want done with my hair.  Best of all, she's very reasonably priced (I have APL to BSL-length hair and she charges $55 for a cut and style--in downtown Seattle, where she's located, most stylists charge $80-$100).  If Christina is not one of the great "unsung heroes" of Seattle curlies, she should be!

Reviewed on 11.21.15

Stylist: Emily

I read some good reviews about Harper's online, and decided to give the salon a try. I have short, naturally curly hair. My stylist was Emily, and after a great consultation where she asked me lots of questions about what I wanted, she started my cut. I left the salon with shiny, bouncy curls that I had forgotten I had! She gave me great tips and sent me home with samples of products that have really helped me with my challenging hair routine. Thanks Emily! I will be back.

Reviewed on 06.02.10

Stylist: Emily

I called Harper's after reading a few positive reviews on here. I spoke with Christina the owner but she was not available on the day that I wanted to schedule on so, she referred me to Emily, who she said also had a lot of experience with curly hair. Emily was really friendly but unfortunately, I found the haircut disappointing. She combed it so much during the cut that when she was done, it was already dry and extremely frizzy and had the typical pyramid style that I've had with other stylists. Maybe the owner does better with curly hair but I don't think I'm going back to find out. Once again, the stylist was really nice but I don't think she knows curly hair as well as she thinks. I'm going to a Deva certified, dry cut next time because I'm through trying everyone else.

Reviewed on 05.28.10

Stylist: Christina

My "intro" to this stylist was an emphatic referral from a co-worker with has long, kinky-curly hair (I have wavy/curly), who told me to not try anyone new until I'd talked to Christina. With such a strong endorsement, how could I not check it out? I am a fan for life! Christina (the owner) gave me a brief consult over the phone when setting the appointment, and gave me great advice for hair care. THE APPOINTMENT: Christina talked with me for a while about my hair "characteristics," the reasons why I was changing stylists, what I do for a living, my daily hair routine, and a little about me in general. She is so friendly and outgoing, I felt like we were good friends already! I appreciated that she took time to get to know me as a new customer. We talked about my foray into the CG (curly girl) method. The method was new to her, so she asked me about it. I only saw Redken products in her salon, and that's what she used on me, which I was okay with (I'm not a die-hard CG). However, when it comes to diffusing on low, airing dry, shampooing less, she had recommendations very similar to the CG book. She was awesome about my request to use scissors only (no razors or thinning shears). After a short time, she recommended a new style based on our conversation and her sense from getting to know me. I went in with hair about shoulder length, but had no shape or style, and I was willing to try any style at all. She gave me a rocking curly bob, a style I'd had years ago and works great with my hair. LOCATION/AMBIENCE: The salon is located near the Seattle Art Museum in downtown Seattle, and it's just a few blocks from my office. There's three chairs in the shop, it's small, and when I arrived, her toddler daughter was watching Elmo, hanging out. I'd been going to a salon/spa place for about 4 years, so this small, independent shop was a nice change of pace. So much warmer and more personal. A friend of hers has a chair there, and they have a great banter. Other regular customers came and went while I was there, and it totally felt like a neighborhood place. STYLING AT HOME: Terrific! The cut has been easy to maintain and style myself for a month now. And I keep getting compliments from friends and strangers! (I use my mostly-CG products at home.) PRICE/VALUE: Super reasonable. She said her cuts start at $35 (I paid more, but since I had other services on my bill I don't remember the breakdown). A very excellent price for the location and the quality. I had been paying $50+ for a far inferior cut and experience. CG TYPES: The woman who referred me to her is probably a 4a or 4b. I think I am a 2c/3a. I referred her to another co-worker, and she did a great job with her, too! That person is a 3c. So, she has done wonders on quite a range of curl types! (I'm on the curltalk boards as dezecurlz, you can PM me if I didn't answer a question you may have.)

Reviewed on 06.01.08