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Freehold, NJ 07728
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User Reviews

Stylist: Erica

Well I reached to Erica back in March of this year, 2014, for my first haircut by someone that specializes in curly hair. Erica came to my home and took her time with me which i truly appreciate. She made sure I was comfortable the whole time, esp with the length of my haircut since I have a lot of anxiety with folks touching my hair. She cut my hair dry then when done, showed me some of her suggestions on styling it.  I loved my haircut for sure. I would absolutely recommend Erica's services, especially if just once.  You will see a big difference compared to a cookie-cutter haircut from a straight-haired-centric salon lol. :)

Reviewed on 10.17.14

Stylist: Erica

Erica is the best! I can't believe that my curly hair survivied almost 20 years without her. Without a doubt the most attentive hair cut experience that I have ever had and in the covenience of my own home. Erica takes her time and talks you through the process the whole time. She also takes the time to listen and asks questions. I spent many years trying so many different products just to see and Erica's knowledge and experience has changed that. She is incredibly well informed on products for curly hair as well as how best to use them. She provided me with great product information and recommendation that I live by at this point. By far the best hair cut I have ever had, even the way my hair grows in between cuts is amazing. If you have naturally curly hair and have been going to someone at a salon stop and give her a call. There is no one better than someone with curly hair to cut and STYLE curly hair.

Reviewed on 03.18.14

Stylist: Erica

I called Beauty Baiscs but it is closed. I found out you can reach Erica @ Lux Beauty, 88 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ 732-530-5656. I checked out the Lux Salon and it is really nice. There is a private room in the back of the store. Will be calling soon for an appointment!

Reviewed on 10.26.11

Stylist: Erica

Where shall I begin? First, I want to thank Erica again for making me realize that having curly hair isn't a curse. She is VERY knowledgeable about maintenance and how to keep your hair shiny and manageable. My hair used to be curly from root to ends but from playing sports to my current job (bookkeeping, having to always look down) I always have it in a ponytail or up in a clip. Over the years my hair has changed and is only curly at the ends. I went to Erica and she showed me how to get my curls back by using the right products (Deva Curl), in and out of the shower. Then she gave me a style, I LOVE it, that emphasizes my curl type and flatters the shape of my face and bone structure. She is VERY thorough, pays attention to detail and doesn't rush you out of the chair. By the time you leave, your questions are answered and you're feeling like a movie star. I had the luxury of Erica coming to my home. It was like having a college slumber party. You feel like she's your best friend coming over for a makeover. Ladies, take advantage of Erica's craft. CALL HER!!! You won't be disappointed!! Her cell phone no# is: (732) 890-7494.

Reviewed on 09.03.09

Stylist: Erica

I finally got a haircut I love! I can't believe it took so long and she was right in my own backyard. This store/salon is easy to miss but once you find it you will be so happy. Erica has curly hair and she really gets curls. She doesn't believe in BSing you either. She shoots staight and tells you like it is for the sake of your curls.

Reviewed on 06.17.08