Salon Aquavit

479 Nashua Street
Milford, NH 03055

User Reviews

Stylist: Veronica Birchall

Veronica is amazing. I had initially called Salon Aquavit about a year ago to make an appointment with the legendary Cheryl. Unfortunately my schedule and Cheryl's just didn't match up. So the receptionist advised Veronica and I went in with skepticism. Veronica is a pleasure to work with and most importantly for a curly girl she listens and she really gets my curls and is a good colorist as well. I recently went in to get a fairly major chop (without forewarning Veronica) and was nervous. Yes, she had been consistently good - but would she be willing to cut my hair fairly short? My last stylist gave me so much grief when I wanted to lose length - I was SCARED. Well, Veronica was not just as excited as I was for the my transformation - she was MORE excited than I was. She made this big chop such a wonderful experience. Hands down the best hair cut I have had in my life! My curls a coworker said - DELICIOUS. My hair couldn't be any more happy.

Reviewed on 05.07.14

Stylist: Cheryl

Although I've known for many years that Cheryl is a stylist in the area, I didn't know about her experience with curly hair, so I made an appt. with her recently based on katecroons review here. I needed some help with a couple of problems with my cut that I just couldn't seem to communicate to my stylist. Cheryl took great care to understand the problems that I was experiencing and was very honest about how long it will take to correct some of them. She gave me a really great cut and suggestions so that I can style my hair as close to my favorite style as possible while waiting to resolve the other problems. As you know, you can't just trust anyone to cut your curly hair. I highly recommend Cheryl!

Reviewed on 09.17.09

Stylist: Cheryl Peck

Cheryl own's Salon Aquavit and has been cutting my hair for a years. She is amazing and I highly recommend her! The salon is really convenient to Nashua and Boston. I love her so much that when I was living in Florida for 6 years I would find an excuse to fly to NH 2 times a year so I could get my hair cut. (Only someone would with curly hair would understand that!) My hair is thin but very curly, Cheryl shapes it perfectly around my face, and layers my hair for body and natural movement...after she works with my hair I feel amazing. I've made the mistake of going elsewhere and I always have to go see Cheryl to fix it. She is on the pricey side BUT it's completey worth it. The quality of the haircut enables my to buy cheap product and I also really space out my cuts so, price-wise, it ends up even in the end. If you live anywhere near Salaon Aquavit, please do yourself a favor and go see Cheryl! She's a wonderful lady with loads of experience and I know she'll take excellent care of you. Cheers!

Reviewed on 06.24.08