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110 N 500 W
Bountiful, UT 84010-7031

User Reviews

Stylist: Kristen Garcia

I went in to get my first CG haircut. I told her I was using the CG method of hair care for about a week and really wanted to stick with the process to get the max amount of curl from my hair. She new all the right things to SAY but did none of them. She washed and scrubed my hair and when I said I only massaged the scalp and had conditioner on my ends she told me thats only for ethnic hair. I told her I didnt want it thinned, I have alot of hair, she agreed then put a ton of layers in it. Now I have the ends poking out all over. As far as a regular haircut is concerned this is a good haircut. But as far as a CG haircut I am so disappointed. I won't be returning.

Reviewed on 05.19.10

Stylist: Kristin Garcia

This was my first CG haircut and I was pretty nervous. Kristin was amazing. She's very talented and confident. She's also a Curly Girl so she practices what she preaches! The salon is centrally located and super cute. Kristin was very encouraging and enthusiastic about CG. I'm even more committed to CG since meeting Kristin.

Reviewed on 10.09.09

Stylist: Kara Peterson

I had an appointment with Kara a couple of weeks ago,, and WOW! I have been straightening my hair for years, and never really knew how to make it pretty while curly - just a pile of poofy frizz with some curls. Kara spent a long time teaching me how to take care of and style my hair. I couldn't believe how great my hair looked when I left the salon, and I was able to do it myself through her instructions and get the same results at home! For the first time in my life, I love my curly hair - thanks Kara!

Reviewed on 09.30.08

Stylist: Kara Peterson

Kara is a curly lady & is a certified Deva stylist. She trained with Ann Marie at Studio 247, for I think three years, giving curly cuts before getting her official Deva certification. She listens to your needs, gives great advice, isn't pushy with the Deva products or methods but uses them. She gives great cuts (is conservative) & styles. I highly recommend her if traveling to Salt Lake City to see Ann Marie at Studio 247 is out of the question.

Reviewed on 07.02.08