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Stylist: Leah

I have gone to see Leah as well as some of the other hair stylists at Panache. Leah is definitely my favorite. She did my hair for my wedding and I got SO many compliments on it. She takes her time and is very thorough. She straightens my hair after she cuts it to double check everything. She's fabulous but is in high demand, so you have to make your appointment well in advance usually.

Stylist: Leah

I have been going to Leah for almost three years. Although she is younger, she has a tremendous amount of talent and has done everything from cut my hair very short in a great style to color my hair to help me get through the growing out process. She knows her curly hair and is not afraid to ask a "senior" stylist when she has a question. Plus, she knows what products to use on my crazy curly sometimes dry, sometimes frizzy hair. She's great!