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Jacksonville, FL 32250

User Reviews

Stylist: Peyton

This was my first time seeking a stylist with a curly hair specialty. Peyton was wonderful and even gave me a curly hair education. My hair has such a great shape (it was missing that) and she trimmed off just enough so that it looks like it's still long. I was concerned that it would bounce back up too much once it dried. But the length is what i wanted. overall my hair is (and looks) much healthier. I will be back!

Reviewed on 03.16.14

Stylist: Dawn

I found her again! My original review for Dawn was listed under a salon in Neptune Beach, FL. However, Dawn has changed salons since she cut my hair a few years ago, and I thought I'd never find her again. As luck would have it, I saw a curlygirl with a really cute short haircut who said that the stylist who cut her hair was named Dawn... could it be the same stylist? It was! Halleluja! (If it sounds like the heavens opened up and choirs of angels began to sing, there's a reason: she's THAT good.) She's the same funny, friendly curly hair genius. Dawn works quickly -- the girl knows her stuff -- but she talks to you the whole time, explaining what she's doing and why. At the end, I had a cute, shorter cut (it dried to shoulder length) for summer with FAB shiny, bouncy curls. I could not be more pleased. She is the only stylist to whom I've ever said "I trust you. Do what you want." Dawn used a line of curl-enhancing, moisturizing products called Moroccan Oil to style my hair, and I love it. The smell is wonderful (herbal/earthy), and I'm poof-free. With summer heat and humidity in FL, could you ask for more??? My only fear is that Dawn will be discovered, become famous, and I'll be in curly despair.

Reviewed on 07.05.08