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User Reviews

Stylist: Stacey

First, know that I drive an hour (one way) to see Stacey. My first appointment with Stacey was a little bumpy at first (the client before me was late) so I was more nervous than I should have been. After talking about my curls (2C - with straight underneath) she recommended much shorter hair underneath with a few more layers to the curls. I told her to please just do it. It was definitely worth it! I've had Curly Girl cuts in the past and it seems that Stacey's cuts have been the better ones. I feel good about giving her control over the cut, which isn't something that is easy to do! That hour drive is well worth the cut.

Reviewed on 07.30.13

Stylist: Stacey

Stacey did a fantastic job with my 3B curls! I'm taking my two young curly-girl daughters there today!

Reviewed on 09.07.12

Stylist: Gay Coast

I initially had my appointment scheduled with Linda, but as Gay was there and free, she decided to cut my hair while Linda watched. I was nervous as I have curly hair and have never been to a salon that could actually cut my hair and make it look nice, so I think Gay wanted to reassure me by doing it herself. But Linda seemed very knowledgeable as well and I'd feel comfortable with either of them. Gay told me right away what she thought I should do with my hair and then she talked me through the entire cutting process. They spent a lot of time with me, getting to know my hair (and me!) and showing me what works best for my type of curly hair. They knew more about my hair than I did! Then she told me about a BKT---Biotin Keratin Treatment--that she thinks I should get done. I have an appointment to get that done in 4 weeks, which they assure me will eliminate my frizz. Afterwards, she showed me some of her favorite products--DevaCurl, which I've already been using. She sold me the DevaCurl B'Leave In as I didn't have that one and I already love it. All in all, I would recommend this salon to anyone and everyone but especially to those of us with curly hair. They know their stuff and they really take the time to get to know YOU and YOUR hair. 5 stars all around!! =))

Reviewed on 05.25.11

Stylist: Jackie

I had previously reviewed the salon with Gay as my stylist; this time I had Jackie. She gave me an awesome Deva cut. I always feel so pampered and at home when going to the salon. I drive about 30 miles one-way and it's totally worth it. I'd been getting regular trims from Jackie, but this was the first Deva cut from her; and it's fabulous!!

Reviewed on 06.07.10

Stylist: Jackie

I just had my first Deva cut yesterday at Vita Stile. My stylist was Jackie. She and the other girls there were very friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing. The salon is beautifully decorated and they gave me a refreshing pink lemonade. As for the actual haircut, I'm very pleased with it. She cut it dry, then washed it, cut some more, then dried it with the Deva hand diffuser. I wasn't very impressed with the Deva products, but that has nothing to do with the salon or stylist. Over-all I definitely plan to go back, even though it is an hour away. It's worth it.

Reviewed on 11.11.09

Stylist: Gay Coast

I immediately felt welcome when I walked into the salon. Gay was knowledgeable about cut & products for curly hair. It was a fun experience and I will definitely go back for future cuts/trims.

Reviewed on 07.10.08