Vee's Hair and Spa

1022 Donaldson Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78228

User Reviews

Stylist: Mary

I have tried this salon and stylist twice and have been really disappointed. It's not that the stylist is bad, but the cuts she gives are not current - they look very boring and dated. Twice I have asked for a cut with "chunks" cut throughout my hair and twice I have received a haircut that is basically all one length with a bit of a layer" cut in at the bottom. My hair pretty much looks all one length and it resembles a pyramid. And in case you're wondering, yes I did bring in pictures of the haircut I was going for. When she cut my hair, it really seemed like she was cutting more into it but after washing my hair I can see that she left my hair mostly one length. If that is the kind of cut I'm gonna get, I might as well go to Supercuts - at least they don't charge $40. The salon I went to before I came to Vee's was K Charles, I used to get haircuts from Elva and Jennifer. I guess I was spoiled by them because they knew how to give a haircut that didn't look like it came from the 80's. I wish Elva was still working there.

Reviewed on 04.24.11

Stylist: Mary

I am not hair savvy & my curls don't make it easier. I went to Mary after finding this website & looked @ the reviews. I decided to give it a chance. She made me feel comfortable & explained to me how I should care & style my hair. I still wish I had that super straight hair but I have learned to embrace my naturally curly hair. I Highly recommend Mary & have definitely gone back & will continue to do so.

Reviewed on 06.07.10

Stylist: Mary

I went in after receiving one of the worst hair cuts I've ever had the week before. The previous stylist had put in really chunky layers where huge sections of hair were all the same length, but had also managed to make the two sides uneven with huge disparities where the lines should have been straight. However, Mary managed to work a miracle and make it actually look cute. She took what looked like an impossible fix and managed to even it out and work with my curls without sacrificing a lot of length to fix the other stylists mistakes. Talking to her, she seems to really know her stuff when it comes to curly hair and how it behaves and her philosophy about cutting and styling it is just what you want, taking hair texture, as well as face shape into account. I am definitely going back!

Reviewed on 02.10.10

Stylist: Mary

Mary is the first stylist I've consulted with who understands curly hair. Part of this is that she's a CG herself. The other part is that she's done her research. I consulted with her one week and went back for the cut the next week. She shaped my waves/curls and I left the salon feeling confident that I could care for my hair and get the same results at home. I'm going back to have my color done in a few weeks and will return to the salon for future cuts and touch ups. Vee's has my highest rating.

Reviewed on 08.26.09

Stylist: Mary

Mary boosted my confidence in curl and reassured me that it's ok that I have to constrict my curls into a bun for my military job for most of the week. I highly recommend her awesome skills!

Reviewed on 05.07.09

Stylist: Mary

Going to a hair stylist is always an excrutiating experience. Within a week of paying to get my hair cut I end up cutting more myself. Mary listened to what I said and said I had curly on top and wavy on the bottom so my hair was diconnected. She is the first stylist to voice that and that is my main frustration. She asked if I had any other issues. I told her I have no interest in wearing my hair straight and I needed a cut I could wash,finger style and let dry naturally. She managed to leave the length and connected my 3b to 2b curls so my hair would look like it had some style to it. I am very impressed with Mary and the salon. The feeling is real not artificial. Also they have 100% satisfaction guarantee. Mary said to wear the style for a week and if it needs tweeking let her know. I came home and rinsed out what she put in my hair and put my own products in to see how it styled. It looks great! I will be going back to this salon.

Reviewed on 07.10.08