Utopia Salon & Day Spa

6143 Far Hills Ave
Centerville, OH 45459

User Reviews

Stylist: Brenda

Brenda is the owner of Utopia, a really cute salon at the back of Washington Square plaza (behind DLM). I have naturally curly hair (3a), and she has been cutting my hair for more than 10 years. One of the things I love about Brenda is that she is always open to trying a new style for me. I've had everything from long (below the shoulders) to quite short, and I always leave looking fantastic. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a stylist who is skilled in cutting naturally curly hair and who is looking for someone who will give you an on-trend style. In the past, I'd always had stylists who seemed afraid to try anything new or would botch my hair. None of those sorts of problems here! Brenda also does a terrific job with color.

Reviewed on 01.21.15

Stylist: Madison

I visited Madison for the first time last week with the desire to try a new style for my curls at Utopia Salon & Day Spa. This salon does not have a receptionist -- you can contact Madison directly to set up an appointment. She green lighted me to put her cell number on this site, text her if you want to schedule an appointment! (937) 463-8659 As stated in previous reviews, Madison is a great stylist to choose for natural curls. She takes her time and really works as a hair artist. She also guarantees all of her hair cuts. If you are not satisfied she will fix it for free. 

Reviewed on 07.16.14

Stylist: Madison

I was searching for a hair stylist and a friend of mine recommended Madison. I have been going to her for about a year now and Madison is the BEST stylist I have ever had. My hair is manageable now and I get lots of compliments.. She takes her time and I never feel rushed.. I would call her AMAZING!

Reviewed on 03.21.13

Stylist: Madison

My sister and I went to see Madison after reading these reviews. So glad we did! I have thick, coarse 2A-2B hair that is dry and damaged-so much so that it wasn't curling up in certain areas and the whole underneath layer was straight. I was to the point where I was wearing it up almost every day because it wouldn't do anything. She took time to consult with me and ask me questions. She explained to me why my hair wasn't curling (because of the previous haircut I got and the damage/dryness). She told me what she could/would do to make it better. At no point was she overbearing or pushy-she was confident and I like that in a stylist. She was very detailed and focused when she cut my hair, she took her time, and she actually diffused my hair with her blow dryer-most people would just sit me under the the dryer and call it a day. She told me what kinds of products would be good for MY hair without trying to sell them to me in a pushy way. My hair looks awesome. Textured, piecey, and it's curling in places that it wouldn't curl before because of the damage. Best haircut I've had in a long time. I'll definitely go back.

Reviewed on 11.15.12

Stylist: Madison

Madison gave me one of the best haircuts ever! My hair is wavy, but is thicker in some areas than others. With her creativeness and skill, she set the waves free and corrected the problems. It's very easy to style now - I'm a happy camper!

Reviewed on 07.16.12

Stylist: Madison

I got the best haircut I've had in a long time from Madison! I have thick wavy hair and had been wearing it in a pony tail to keep it out of my way. Its unevenly wavy and thicker in some areas than others - a typical haircut just doesn't work. Madison knows how to thin the thicker parts and how to free up the wave. My hair has never been so easy to style thanks to her expertise and creativeness.

Reviewed on 07.15.12

Stylist: Madison

I've had my fair share of bad stylists in the past, as I'm sure that many other curly girls can relate with. As one can imagine, I've also had a lot of trust issues with my stylists, having to move from one to the next and never quite being happy with what has been done to my hair. Because of that, it took me quite a few appointments of limited decent cuts with Madison before I allowed her to have almost free reign on my hair, just specifying the length I wanted and letting her do the rest. However, once that happened, I was pretty amazed. Somehow she managed to make my hair look fantastic - and very curly and "free" - and I've been quite confident since my last cut. I'm very happy with Madison and I will definitely be returning to her in the future, especially since she only charges around $15 for a huge head of curly 3B hair.

Reviewed on 11.30.11

Stylist: Madison

I have been going to Madison for about 15 years now... almost as long as I've been married! She is an absolutely amazing colorist and stylist, and I recommend to her to anyone who has hair!

Reviewed on 11.03.11

Stylist: Madison

I just went to Madison based on the other review and I LOVED her!!! We recently moved to the area and I was a little nervous about seeing someone new since my last stylist had been doing my hair for the last 8 years. I have weird hair, it's naturally curly but thick in some spots and thinner in some spots. I loved the way she looked at how my hair fell and the texture of it before she shampooed it. She took her time and really looked at how the hair was laying after each snip of the scissors. She did a fabulous job and I can't wait until my color appointment next month.

Reviewed on 03.06.10

Stylist: Madison

I've lived all over the US and in South Korea. I have tried every "you've gotta go to" salon over the past 20 years and while I have met a few stylists that knew how to cut curly hair, Madison was by far the best. She is amazing! She's been cutting hair for more than 20 years; she's done models, Playboy Bunnies, you name it. She ROCKS! She didn't just grab a razor or cut typical layers into my hair. She worked magic! I have 3B curls and she managed to cut my hair in such a way that I don't have poofy spots, thin spots, or heavy spots. My grow out is even and not getting bulky as it lengthens. My curls have come alive! (I'll try to post a pic soon) Not only does Madison know how to cut curly hair perfectly, but she has a wonderful personality too. Getting my hair cut by her is more like hanging out with a girlfriend. I also love that you can call day or evening, through the week or on weekends and get her direct line. If she's not available to answer you can leave her a message and she always calls back with in 24 hours, if not right away. She gives discounts to people that were sent to her on referral so if you want an even better price than their norm, just tell her that Tina Spencer sent you. I can honestly say I've never had a better cut or a better experience at a salon!

Reviewed on 07.11.08