Garbo A Salon

7739 Northcross Dr.
Suite K
Austin, TX 78757

User Reviews

Stylist: Judy

Judy is such a wonderful lady. She always lets me show her my hair dry to evaluate and consult, then works with me during the cut to get the look I'm after. She knows how to cut my curls so that they bounce, and she has utilized multiple different curl-cutting techniques, always with great results. She does cut my hair wet, but always partially diffuses it to****ds the end so that she can double check the cut and make any necessary changes. She's the only stylist in Austin that I have continued to return to, and I've been to many different ones over the years. Go see Judy!!

Reviewed on 07.20.18

Stylist: Judy

Judy is one of those stylist that just has a nack for hair. My hair is fine and curly. She listens to me very well and truly connects with my hair concerns.

Reviewed on 06.19.09

Stylist: Beni Jones

Beni does a wonderful job on curly hair. She listens and understands how curly hair works!!!

Reviewed on 09.26.08