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Stylist: Richard

Richard is no longer on Defon's webpage. Does anyone know which salon he moved to?

Reviewed on 09.28.09

Stylist: Richard

I had Richard cut my hair last year based on a review I found here. When I went to schedle a follow up appointment with him, the phone number was disconnected. I remembered that he was going to be workin in Las Vegas for some shows, so I thought he moved. I was happy to see the post below me because this is the same Richard that I have been looking for! :) I already have a different stylist that I'm liking, but at least I know I can find Richard now if I need to. He really did a great job with my curls and recommended some products that really work for me. :)

Reviewed on 10.17.08

Stylist: Richard

Richard has been doing my hair for a few years. He has a real knack for curly hair. I've tried different stylists in the city and he's the best. He is also a great colorist.

Reviewed on 07.19.08