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Erik Emblen
300 Fillmore St.
Denver, CO 80206

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Stylist: Erik

I arrived the salon with the infamous triangle head and was really scared of getting a haircut since all hairstylists I've been to before didn't know how to handle my hair. But Erik was extremely pleasant, listened to what I had to say and gave me the exact result I wanted. My hair now looks amazing and frames my face very nicely. He also took the time to explain and show me how I should style my hair. I will definitely return in a few months and recommend this place for anyone who loves their curls.

Reviewed on 06.22.17

Stylist: Erik Emblen

Erik gave me the best haircut and color of my life! I can't recommend him highly enough! Two years ago, I decided to go natural and stopped straightening my 4c curls, but I had no idea how hard it would be to find a hair stylist who understands how to cut, color, and style my curly hair. After a friend of mine showed me her gorgeous haircut and color that Erik gave her, I decided to give him a try. He is very professional and kind and he listened to all of my concerns. Then he recommended a haircut and color design that would complement my face shape and skin tone. I am thrilled with the results and he even taught me an easy way to style it on my own. I can finally say that I Love my hair!

Reviewed on 01.14.16

Stylist: Erik

I didn't get to meet him. I called to make an appointment and over the phone he sounded arrogant. I had some extensions I wanted to get out and asked if she was able to get them out. Very rudely he replied. "I don't do extensions, it's a curly hair salon; so I do curly hair. I don't even want to see you if you have them in" I won't be going for an appointment.

Reviewed on 03.23.14

Stylist: Erik Emblen

My granddaughter grew her hair out for 3 years to have the required 10 inches for Locks Of Love and still have her hair long after the cut. She has wildly curly hair and she was nervous about getting a cut. Enter Erik. Best haircut she's ever had. Her words. Erik didn't rush through her cut. He took his time and explained what he was doing every step of the way. He showed her how to care for her curls and which products were best for her hair type. AND Erik's fee was so reasonable! Especially for the amount of time he spent with my girl....Thank you Erik! You are Brielle's forever stylist. If you should ever decide to take your talents elsewhere( and don't tell us where you're going) we will hunt you down!

Reviewed on 02.07.14

Stylist: Erik Emblen

Eric cut my hair March 9th and today April 25th ......My hair is still Great. No clips no pulling back just wash and blow dry. I brush out at night and wake up and hair is bouncy and alive/cute. Every cut I receive prior to Eric cutting my hair has in a matter of days required it to be pulled back/lifted or fixed a few days after being cut. If brushed out it lost all body and curl My husband has noticed which is plus! Now trying to figure out how to get back to Denver when I need another cut? Thanks Much Eric The rating of 5 isn't enough...should be 10 + Highly recommend

Reviewed on 04.25.13

Stylist: Erik Emblen

After a long search, I finally found someone that understands curly hair. He knew exactly what to do to bring back my curls. Not only was my cut amazing, but my color was amazing as well. He gave me the ultimate hair makeover. He also showed me techniques so I can keep my curls looking their best. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Reviewed on 02.13.13

Stylist: Erik Emblen

Erik is an expert. My curly hair looks amazing. The Deva process makes sense and is reasonable, unlike others. Erik is a total professional and made my experience relaxing and pleasant. I have been looking for a stylist that "gets" my curly hair and Erik is the one. I highly recommend him!

Reviewed on 10.06.12

Stylist: Erik Emblen

I drove 6 hours for a haircut after reading reviews on this site. Erik was wonderfully accommodating with my schedule, and I was amazed with the results! This was my first dry haircut after years of the same bland layered cut. I walked in with a shaggy, wind blown mess and an hour and a half later walked out with incredible curls. Erik took great care to explain each step, and show me exactly what I needed to do at home. I have had so many compliments since, it was absolutely worth the trip. I will definitely be back!

Reviewed on 06.08.12

Stylist: Erik Emblen

I found Erik using this website. The reviews I read about him were right on. Erik is amazing. I've never had such a professional and reasonably priced hair cut. Erik explained that he has had over 6 years of training working specifically with curly hair on top of his years of experience working with all hair types. He educated me about how best to treat my hair type throughout the entire process. In addition, Erik gave a great consultation prior to beginning our session. He listened to what I was looking for in a style, and then incorporated his expert opinion about what would be most flattering for my hair type and face. Erik gave me a great haircut that brought my 3A hair from looking dull and limp, back to the shiny, bouncy and soft curly hair I haven't seen in so long. I'm from out of state and have lived in Denver for 3 years. I have been to 5 different salons since moving to Denver, and have cringed each time I get into the chair after hearing the stylist tell me "I know how to cut curly hair, look I have curly hair too." I usually end up leaving the salon near tears, and angry that I spent so much money on a hair cut I hate. I end up pulling my hair back into a pony tail as soon as I step into the car. Not so with Erik. Everyone has complimented me on my hair since getting it cut. I made my follow-up appointment with him before I left the salon. I just got my hair cut two days ago, but can't wait to go back and see what new styles we can experiment with, and what else Erik will teach me about caring for my hair. I just can't say enough about Erik. I had the best experience and I love my hair!

Reviewed on 04.16.12

Stylist: Erik

I just went to see Erik today after reading the great reviews here. He's absolutely amazing! I hadn't had my hair cut in 1 1/2 years (after my last traumatic cut) my hair was a mess to say the least. Erik spent so much time perfecting the cut and explaining all of his styling techniques to me so I could replicate it at home. Like someone else on here said, I actually went OUT after getting my hair cut instead of going home to "fix" it...that was a first! I'm super excited about this new method of styling my hair and will definitely be going back to Erik. Best hair cut I've ever had - hands down!

Reviewed on 01.21.12

Stylist: Erik Emblen

The Scarlet Salon has wonderful personalities and stylists and Erik is no exception! I came to Erik pretty despondent after going to a stylist in the area that touted their knowledge of cutting and styling natural curly hair and they completed had no idea what they were doing. Accordingly my hair-type is 3B and is very dry and frizzy. Erik did such a great job that I went back the next week to have it styled again and to teach me more about my hair. He took the needed time and styled it like no other has before but he also taught me that I was over working my hair with products and handling it too much. He also helped with recommendation of a conditioning product and a scalp treatment oil. I will see Erik soon for a color touch-up, cut and style. I am so happy to have found him to be so knowledgeable with natural curly hair!! He is such a delightful and caring stylist.

Reviewed on 04.23.11

Stylist: Erik Emblen

Erik is fresh from a session from Devachan in New York, and is new and improved! He was already so great, it's hard to imagine him better! He got rid of a bit of the stringy ends I had with a quick cut, then over to the wash station. He only put silicone-free conditioner in my hair. He put some AnGel in my hair (which I didn't like, different review!) and clipped my roots. He sat me under the dryer for about 20 minutes. He diffused my hair the rest of the way, then onto the actual dry haircut! What an awesome process, and I was left with bouncy, full hair! He's great, the BEST curly hairstylist in Denver by far!

Reviewed on 03.05.11

Stylist: Erik Emblen

I was so hoping this was finally going to be the stylist that would revolutionize my curly hair. I really appreciated his "effort", but he fell short in the coloring, cutting, and styling. His coloring technique was terrible. I have streaks of brassy color running through my hair with one noticable piece on the top that makes me look like I have a skunk stripe and will now have to pay someone else to cover up his $100 plus coloring job. He basically snipped a few pieces of hair, fluffed it up until I looked like a bad version of an 80's rockstar and called it a masterpiece. Save yourself some serious time and a huge chunk of change...find another stylist.

Reviewed on 03.04.11

Stylist: Erik Emblen

To be fair, coloring, cutting, styling my hair is no picnic. It's so fine it tends to form little curly dreadlocks BUT only the top couple of layers. Underneath it's barely wavy at all, just fine and tangly. What does this mean? It means that I've spent a lot of time hiding, rocking, cursing, crying and hating lots of stylists after they proclaimed to understand curly hair then given me a girl mullet, pyramid head or worse. I had gotten to the point where I was resolved that no one would cut my hair at all. Ever. That's what Erik was up against. He was my one last chance prior to becoming Rapunzel-esque freakshow that hides at home with long scary church hair. Fortunately, the dude knows what he's doing and does it very very well. I left with the first hair cut I have ever loved in my entire life. I did NOT go home and immediately restyle it - I made my guy take me out to dinner so's I could show it off. My highlights were also fabulous - painted on by someone who has an idea how curls would actually highlight in the sun - and grew out beautifully. I'm not normally a gushy chick but truly, I cannot recommend Erik enough for anyone who's just about given up on her curly, rebellious, pain-in-the-butt hair. Call him - right now! Kandace H.

Reviewed on 07.30.10

Stylist: Erik

I absolutely agree with all the reviews on here! I have never gone to a hairstylist more than once, because no one ever understands my curly hair and I always race home right after my cuts to rewash and style to see how it actually looks. NO MORE! I have found a new hairstylist for life! He was so knowledgeable about curly hair and gave me some AWESOME tips! Right after the cut I went and bought everything he had used. I HIGHLY suggest going to see him STAT!

Reviewed on 02.27.10

Stylist: erik

Second to my husband, no other man has made such a difference in my life!! The minute I sat in his chair I knew I was in great hands. I have been going to the same woman for over 10 years and was scared to change but one of my co-workers has the most AMAZING curly hair that I would always admire and when I asked her about her hair care routine all she said was "Just go see Erik, trust me." Finally I got the courage to try someone new and have NEVER looked back. Not only is my hair gorgeous but my hair care routine has been cut in half! He has shown me new methods that I never even heard of. My only complaint is that I didn't find this man sooner!!!!! Nadia H

Reviewed on 08.31.09

Stylist: Erik

Before going to Erik I used to hate my curly hair and would either straighten it or wear it in a pony tale. I have 3b curls and since Erik has been cutting my hair I've had the best set of curls. I use to dread going to get a haircut because it never failed, I would leave the salon not happy because the stylist didn't know how to cut curly hair. Now I leave the salon happy and feeling beautiful. Erik has studies from all over the world and has a vast knowledge on curly hair, how to style, cut, and take care of curly hair. He uses the dry cut method and cuts each individual curl. I would highly recommend Erik!

Reviewed on 07.10.09

Stylist: Erik

Before coming to Erik I use to hate my curly (3b) hair and never knew how to manage it. I would always wear it in pony tails or flatiron it. Getting haircuts would be a dreadful experience and they turned out to be a nightmare every time. I have tried so many salons in the Denver and surrounding area and I never got the results that I was completely happy with, until I found Erik! He is very experienced in curly hair and I am always amazed by the new styles he has learned from his continual training from all over the world. He uses the dry cut method and gives precise detail to everyone of my curls. He has also given helpful tips on sources to refer to. My hair has never looked better and everywhere I go I receive so many complements! If you are in a curly hair rut like I was, Erik is the one to see!

Reviewed on 07.08.09

Stylist: Erik

I had a great haircut from Erik. He uses the CG method of cutting- which is cutting each curl and cutting the hair dry. He also had me look at the book Curly Girl while cutting my hair which led me to this website. I loved my hair right after my haircut and really love it since going CG!! I am now wearing my hair down all the time and am thrilled.

Reviewed on 07.25.08