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User Reviews (3)

Stylist: Chris

Rating: Salon Rating: 4 Scissors

Chris is the owner and she's awesome. Unfortunately, I was there to fix a not-so-great haircut one of the other stylists, whose name escapes me, there had given me. Chris was the first stylist to point out that I have fine hair. I guess other people just assumed that because I have a lot of hair that it was thick. She gave me great recommendations for products to use and the cut grew out pretty well. Twilight's a cool place. They're open late (hence the name, which has no relation to the vampire series).

Stylist: Lisa

I went to Lisa after reading the other review and was NOT disappointed. She gave me a great cut that lasted; I didn't get the dreaded "wing" after two weeks. Just after my hair cut I went to my 20th college reunion and a male friend I've known since I was 12 told me I look even better than I did in high school. I can't give a stronger recommendation than that!

REVIEWED BY: lesg  |  8.14.09

Stylist: Lisa

The past few times I'd had my hair cut it was at M Salon in Cambridge, with Dana. He did a good job but I wasn't totally convinced.... I was desperate for a trim and was looking for a less expensive place to try. I read some good reviews of Twilight, and made an appointment with Lisa. The reviews were not necc. for curly hair, so I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but was very pleasantly surprised! She spent the full hour really taking the time to look at my hair and cut it carefully. (My cuts at M Salon were always very quick and I felt like they weren't really tailored to me.) I am growing my hair out after having a short cut, so Lisa had to do some re-shaping to make it look good at it's in-between length. She really made my hair a lot lighter and brought out the curl well! For only $35, I was absolutely pleased and am definitely going back!