Kiki's Hair Studio

2880 Pio Pico Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008

User Reviews

Stylist: Anonymous

Angela Cayanan is AWESOME! She shaped my 3b curls beautifully!

Reviewed on 11.26.12

Stylist: Dennise Vaughn

NATURALLY CURLY HAIR - - I found Dennise Vaughn at Chizel Hair Design (her new location) from the reviews based on this site and was blown away by her knowledge and expertize!! I had recently chopped off all my curly locks (originally shoulder length) in my hometown of Salt Lake City, but my stylist hadn't given me the shape I needed and I felt like a human cue ball. Dennise was brilliant, she made me feel super comfortable and gave me an amazing cut that suited my face and style. She went above and beyond by informing me about how I could cure my persistent dry scalp and she even gave me mini sample products to try out for free. The products worked like a dream and I haven't had one flake to speak of since! I should mention that Dennise was also part of the team that put a naturally curly hair guide together for Redken a few years ago, so she really knows her stuff! I cannot say enough about the amazing experience I had with Dennise and I want anyone who is struggling with their curly hair to look this girl up, she seriously rocks!

Reviewed on 08.15.12

Stylist: Dennise Vaughn

Dennise has since branched off to start her own studio called The Beauty Mark Salon in Carlsbad. She helped me with my 12 yr old daughter. I have straight hair, yet my daughter hit puberty and has really curly hair and even a cowlick in front. Dennise walked us through how to care and style for her hair and the information was invaluable!!! Thanks so much and you should look her up.

Reviewed on 01.23.11

Stylist: Yasuko

Yasuko is, without a doubt, the most phenomenal stylist I have ever met. Regardless of hair texture, needs, or challenges, Yasuko develops a personalized plan for taking care of your locks. There are many, many stylists out there. Some even do a good job at cutting and styling hair. The biggest difference with Yasuko is her talent. She is a truly GIFTED stylist - creative, thoughtful, and endlessly talented, she truly taught me to love my hair.

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Denise Vaughn

I have fine hair with very different curl patterns all over my head. Denise gave me the best cut and advice I have EVER received from a stylist. She REALLY knows what she is doing, even told me how to address the troubles I'm having with my hair drying out from hard water and swimming in the ocean. I highly recommend her! --Micki O'Brien

Reviewed on 06.08.08

Stylist: Denise Vaughn

Denise is awesome with curly hair. I've had so much trouble in the past getting a cut that will work both curly and straight, especially since I have incredibly fine hair that doesn't like to hold a curl in dry weather. Denise takes her time asking questions to make sure she understands your concerns and to give you exactly what you want.

Reviewed on 03.07.07