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Stylist: Lauren

Rating: Salon Rating: 3 Scissors

I went to Salon Lorrene a couple of years ago and Lauren was my stylist. I was not completely disappointed with the way Lauren cut my hair because I went back to her several times. However,the two times I was not satisfied with the way she cut my hair. I had gotten my haircut from her and she had cut the hair in front shorter to layer it. When I went for my next haircut, I told her not to touch the curls in the front because last time she cut it too short and it looked horrible. I told her to just TRIM them. Well, that is not how it went down. She once again cut them and it was so short and looked awful. After that I never went back to her. Whenever I called a salon to ask if they had someone specific that cuts curly hair they always tell me that "all of our stylists are capable in cutting curly hair", that is a false statement. I am not saying Lauren was awful at cutting curly hair, I just want not happy with the last two haircuts I had with her and never went back. From now I look at the reviews on here or DEVACURL. I am very happy with Kristen at Kolorbox in Elk Grove Village and would recommend her hands down!

REVIEWED BY: skoozie  |  5.17.12

Stylist: Lauren

I'm the manager of Salon Lorrene and I'd like to post a rebuttal to the last review. Lia came in with a bad haircut she got somewhere else for Lauren to "fix". Lauren explained to her that it was going to be a process to go from where she was to where she wanted to be. Since the previous haircut had pieces at the top of the head that had been cut much too short for her curly hair type, Lauren just kept trying to assure her that it would lay better in a couple weeks when it grew out a little. It doesn't seem fair to post something negative on a site, knowing the implications, when the problems with this haircut didn't originate with Lauren. Lauren has worked here for 6 1/2 years and has superb customer service. Her work is impeccable and her schedule is booked out weeks in advance. We'll let her success as a stylist speak for her. I feel badly that a client was unsatisfied, especially since we have a reputation and work hard to make it our goal to provide every Salon Lorrene guest with an outstanding service each and every time they come. We're disappointed in Lia's decision to take her concerns to a website instead of giving us the opportunity to resolve this.

Stylist: Lauren

Unfortunately, my experience was not so great. I went there because of the review found on this site. I even made an appointment for a consultation ahead of time and I had high hopes, but the result was very poor. I got the worst cut in the past 20 years. My hair will not curl or stay down; it just flips up in odd places. The cut is shapeless; square on top and flat to the sides and cowlicks are appearing all over, even after a week. The stylist repeatedly told me it would look crazy for 2 weeks (?). What am I supposed to do for 2 weeks? Several people I met after I got my hair done there have told me they can't believe I paid money for this! Clearly not an expert cut for curly hair.

Stylist: Lauren

anyone with curly hair knows that the length and shape aren't dependent on just the cut, but the combination of cut, length of hair, and even variations of curl on one person. Lauren is amazing and does a great job understanding that you can't apply normal haircutting rules to curly hair! finally someone that doesn't whip out the blow dryer (sans diffuser) when we are done and send me out looking like a fool.

REVIEWED BY:  |  8.13.08