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User Reviews

Stylist: Jackie

I had my first Deva cut today with Jackie. She was fabulous! She shared so much useful information and helpful tips! She's a curly girl herself, so she knows how it is! She gave me so much time and attention discussing my hair and what style I wanted. I started following the Deva method (no poo, leaving in conditioner, using lots of gel, no brushing and no hairdryer) a couple of months ago and it's not uncommon to get compliments from other curly girls - I can't wait to tell everyone about Bellezza and recommend asking for Jackie!

Reviewed on 09.07.12

Stylist: Iris

I just got home from my first Deva cut from Iris and my hair looks great! She explained what she was doing & how to apply the products to enhance my curls. I will definitely go back to Iris and will recommend her to my curly friends & family! It was so nice to have someone with curly hair actually cutting my hair:) and she had beautiful curls too!!

Reviewed on 12.13.08

Stylist: Amy

I can honestly say that I've never had a better haircut. Every previous stylist has cut my hair straight and wet, which meant that even right after it was cut, my variable curls caused it to look uneven. This was my first Deva cut. Amy not only gave me a wonderful haircut after analyzing my curl pattern thoroughly and talking with me about my hair, but also explained what she was going to do before she did it, gave me more information as she cut my hair, taught me how to care for my hair better (I started Curly Girling about 6 weeks ago, but there were still finer points to learn), and answered all my questions completely. My hair is now curling in places which had gone limp from inappropriate cutting techniques and using the wrong products, and which my previous stylist had claimed no longer had any curl. My baby fine hair now has body and fullness, as well as curl; and for once, it's all working together!

Reviewed on 08.18.08