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Stylist: Kate Tupper

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I had previously gotten a great Deva cut from Lindsay at Vibe (reputed to be "the" curly specialist in Halifax), and then soon after moved to England, where it is surprisingly difficult to get a curly cut. When I returned home recently for Christmas, I tried to get an appointment with Lindsay, but she was fully booked. Kate did have a free slot, and as she is also Deva-trained, I decided to take a chance! (while at a salon I knew and trusted, with the same haircutting method, so not all that much of a risk!) Though Kate wears her hair straight, she is clearly well-versed in the CG method. I talked to her about my 3a curls and how I style my hair before she cut it using the Deva method (a dry cut, going curl-by-curl). It had been about 8 months since my last cut, so I knew that I had quite a bit of breakage, etc., that needed to be cut out out. I asked Kate to try to keep as much of my length as she could (mid-back when wet), but overall to cut what she needed to so that my hair was healthy, as that was my main priority! She cut off more than I had anticipated, but I will concede that it was really my fault for waiting so long between appointments, and I had asked her to cut off what was dead. My hair is still quite long, so no complaints. It is also so much bouncier and better defined than before I had it cut-- I do quite like my curls, and have had success following the CG method and using Deva products, but I had forgotten how nice it looked when freshly cut! I definitely wont be waiting so long between cuts next time. Compared to Lindsay, also at Vibe, I believe this cut took longer (90 minutes! Kate definitely took her time, but it was worth it), and it was also about $12 cheaper (including tax and tip for both). Either way, if you're looking for a Deva cut, I really think that you can't go wrong with either of these stylists at Vibe.

Stylist: Lindsay Hickman

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

After a few months of following the CG method, I decided to take the plunge and get a Deva cut for my 3a curls. Lindsay, a CG herself, explained the process and took her time as she dry cut my hair curl by curl, and then styled with Deva Curl products. I wasn't thrilled about how she styled it, but when I did my hair at home using the same products I was very happy with how it turned out. I definitely recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for a curly cut in Halifax!

Stylist: Lindsay Hickman

I certainly did not have the experience the previous reviewer had. I found everyone at the salon to be quite friendly and helpful. I was greeted immediately and provided with a drink while I waited. As well as being available on time, Lindsay, my stylist, was very pleasant and informative. She described the Deva method of hair cutting and even discussed her own experiences. She reviewed the photo I brought of the style I was interested in and provided intelligent input on how to make it work for me. In the end, my hair looked beautiful! She showed me step by step how she was styling the cut and how much product she was using. This is the first time I have been able to replicate how great my hair looked in the salon at home. I have had nothing but wonderful compliments from everyone I know on my hair. I would highly recommend Lindsay and the Vibe Salon.

Stylist: not sure

Horrible customer service! I do not recommend this place. They had no respect for time. I had to wait an hour past my appointment to get my hair cut. What is the point of an APPOINTMENT?!! This happened not once, but TWICE.