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Stylist: Tracy

Tracy is indeed a master with curls. She has since left 7 Salon. If you are looking for her, she is at Coil & Twine. 

Reviewed on 09.22.17

Stylist: Tracy Spurell

I've had a couple of good hair cuts from Tracy in the past, but the last time, she really didn't listen to what I wanted. I walked out with a cut that was WAY shorter than I had asked for - in fact it looked exactly like what she had (short and straight). Also, I constantly have weird pieces that stick out all over the place, some that are so short, that they don't make any sense with the cut. I'm very disappointed, and I'm switching salons.

Reviewed on 01.10.16

Stylist: Tracy

I feel so lucky to have found Tracy while visiting the Bellevue area.  I hadn't had my hair cut for over a year as it's nearly impossible to find anyone who *knows* how to cut curly hair.  Tracy looked at how my hair curled, asked how much time I wanted to spend on it after washing and took into account my face shape, age and personal style.  She gave *me* a cut that works perfectly for *me*!!!  It's pretty and easily manageable and works great for my life style!  She LOVES working with curly hair and demands we rock our curls!  She didn't try to straighten my hair or ask it to do things it can't do!  I love my curls and love them even more now!  Thanks Tracy!!!

Reviewed on 06.14.15

Stylist: Brooklyn

2B checking in, formerly a 3B (ages ago, it feels like). On the market for a new salon (old one got my color horribly wrong, am now sporting purple hair), so popped into 7 while in the mall for a much needed trim (and a bit of an idea of what I'm going to have to do about color). I was paired up with Brooklyn, who also has curly hair; she compared it to "Pretty Woman" if I remember correctly but was wearing it blown out with big wavey curls at the ends. Had a good, honest conversation about hair. She kept offering tips for curly hair, a lot of which I already knew (don't shampoo every day, use a wide-tooth comb, etc). She got the whole "curly hair cuts shorter" deal and definitely took that into account when cutting my hair. I was prescribed the usual stylist solution for my hair: long layers with some framing around the face. I'm not opposed to it, it's fine, and I wasn't looking for any big change, so cool. She said something about cutting the layers "in reverse", though, which I didn't get and probably should have asked about! She decided, based on my weakness of my curls, that it would serve better to blow it out to see how the cut was doing, although she originally proposed to let it air dry. I wasn't opposed to this, either; usually after the much-more-thorough-than-usual combing that hair-cuts require, my hair is incredibly unwilling to curl in the slightest. What surprised me, though, is that she actually took on a teaching role. Usually, a stylist will just say, "yeah, do this, hold it this way so it's easier, okay?" and keep going on drying. She took the time to dry out my hair to the level I should let it air dry to, so I could feel it and take note for personal future use. After blowing out one section, she handed me the round brush and blowdryer and directed me to make the motions (blowdryer off, of course). This was actually pretty useful for me. I have never considered ever owning a blowdryer, but nooooow... I might be! After she finished drying each section, she'd twist it a bit, so they've ended up in the big wavey curls that she sported. I'm a fan. I know that's a pet peeve for a lot of curlies--blow drying post-hair cut or even cutting wet. For me, it's definitely a perk to get a change from the norm, and I'm not too concerned about my hair in its "curly" state since it misbehaves so frequently now. And to be honest, I've had very similar cuts before, so I don't see how this one can go wrong. TL;DR: Brooklyn was great. She assessed the situation on my head pretty well, was willing to offer curly knowledge, and even taught me some techniques. I'm generally really ambivalent about my hair nowadays, but Brooklyn may have propped me back up on the path to actually trying to tame the frizzy beast again.

Reviewed on 05.09.13

Stylist: Tracy

The salon is very nice. Friendly staff offered beverage, chocolate, and robe. Tracy took the time to look at my features and get to know me and my hair. She explained in detail what I should do to care for my low-porosity, multi-textured hair. As she cut my hair, she explained each step. Then, after the cut, she took me back to the sink to re-wet my hair and walk me through styling step-by-step from shower-wet hair to diffused and bouncy curls. She showed me exactly how much of each product to use and how to apply it. She taught me what ingredients I need to stay away from and what ingredients I should use for my specific hair type. At the end of the appointment she gave me a form with each product that she used and the order she used them in. It's been a week since my cut and I'm loving it. It's a three-hour drive but it was definitely worth the time and the money. I didn't particularly care for the 7 Salon products but the cut and education were fabulous. I'm using my usual products now and my hair still looks healthy and is quite manageable. Well done, Tracy! Also, Delany, her assistant was very sweet and helpful.

Reviewed on 04.09.13

Stylist: Tracy

I found Tracy from the reviews on this site - and I'm incredibly grateful that I did! I had lived with lots of cuts from stylists that had no idea how to deal with curly hair. Some were better than others, but mostly I left my hair appointments with them with the "I hope it grows fast" mentality. That was until I received my last cut - which was a horrible "Florence Henderson" do.... and that translates even worse in curls! I had had enough and went to seek out someone who knew curly hair. Tracy is by far the most knowledgeable stylist I've come across regarding curls. While I thought I was taking the best care of my hair, she gave me the scoop on product - advertised for curls - that can actually STRAIGHTEN it with too regular of use (I'm looking at you, Morroccan oil!). And yes, she did have to cut it shorter than I would have liked to fix that horrible cut I came in with - but it's a cute solution and I'm excited to have found such a resource in Tracy. My hair is already curling better and I'm actually looking FORWARD to future hair appointments!

Reviewed on 02.11.13

Stylist: Tracey...then Dani

So After reading everyone's comments about Tracey in Bellevue I finally decided to make an appointment for earlier this afternoon. 1)TRACEY ONLY DOES WHITE "CURLY/WAVY 1-2 TYPE" -HAIR - Yes this is true. And to the girl who gave Tracey a poor review and said she made you cry I'm assuming you have hair like mine. She sat me down and told me so. I have 3b/c hair and I'm black mixed... She has NO experience with black hair, so she passed me on to Dani who is black mixed and AMAZING ROCKING HER CURLS. (Tracey has straight- hair). Stephanie also does black natural hair if Dani isn't available and anyone goes. This meant I had to wait for Dani to be available so I got a complimentary wash and deep conditioning (pretty sure I ended up paying for it) while I waited. 2) HAIR CUT A TAD SHORT -Dani gave me a cut since I went natural about a yr ago and i've had a little damage and poor haircuts in the path to retain the lenght. I LOVED it when I was in the store, but then hated it on my drive home. Now I'm home and I' like it again after restyling it myself (its ok I'm sure I'm not the only one with that reaction). Overall I love 7 Salon- price is a little steep but everyone was friendly and Tracey is amazing and so is Dani. I would definitely go back and have an appt scheduled for my 6 wk trim. Thanks!

Reviewed on 08.23.11

Stylist: Tracy

Tracy is the greatest! My cut still looks wonderful after 2 months. I have 3c curls and she knew just what to do with them. I didn't care for her choice of products but I will keep going back to her for cuts.

Reviewed on 08.15.11

Stylist: Tracy

I am so thrilled to have met Tracy yesterday. She sat down with me and talked about what kind of curl pattern I have and how it looks best. It is obvious that she is an expert at understanding curly hair. I felt very at ease with her and really appreciate all her knowledge and experience with curly hair. It is all too easy to have a stylist who goes straight to the flat iron to deal with curly hair (at least where I live). The salon itself was hip and stylish. Who wouldn't like complimentary espresso during a haircut?? They even offered me a second latte for my drive home (I drove a total of 6 hours for this experience).She's the first curly expert I have ever been to, and I'm impressed. I am looking forward to seeing her next time. My sister (is there a more honest critic than a sister) was absolutely blown away by my hair Thanks, Tracy!

Reviewed on 08.13.11

Stylist: Tracy, Stylist

I finally found someone who could cut my curly hair and have it grow at the same time! The first cut lasted 3 months, which is what she predicted and the 2nd Cut lasted for 3.5 months so far! I love the shape! Thank you TRACY!

Reviewed on 04.01.11

Stylist: Erin

I was newish to the area, and had put off the nightmarish task of finding a new hairstylist for long enough, and finally settled on 7 after reading all the wonderful reviews. When I got there, the stylist put me at ease immediately and made me feel great about what she was doing the entire time. It was like some kind of evil-magic-hair-speak that made me think she was helping me. However, as soon as I was walking out of the salon, I realized that not only had I paid $80 for a so-so haircut, but I looked like Shirley Temple. Worse, she had spent all this time showing me how to "manipulate" my curls into something they weren't. I want a stylist who will help me make the most of the kind of curls I have, not change them into something they aren't.

Reviewed on 02.20.11

Stylist: Tracy

“7” Scheduling I was not impressed with the individuals who schedule the appointments. Tracy has a very full schedule so trying to find a time that works with both our schedules was a challenge. The woman trying to schedule the appointment seemed annoyed at the amount of time it was taking to find a time slot. The ambience The décor is very modern, it leaves one with the impression of being behind the scenes of a runway show. There is also has a night club feel, the music is pumping and there is a great deal of movement. Tracy She is very friendly and immediately puts you at ease. She sat with me to discuss my objectives from the appointment. I feel like she spent the right amount of time with me, understanding where I wanted to go with my hair and helped lay out a plan to get there. The Cut After our sit down discussion she had her assistant soak my hair and moisturize it. She believes the scalp should be exfoliated. Her theory is the follicles are alive and if the scalp has build up from products the follicles are not getting the necessary oxygen and blood movement for ideal growth. She had the wash girl poo my scalp, but recommend that I first soak my hair, than condition and rinse, then use a tsp of baking soda with my conditioner and massage the scalp rinse and condition again (leaving it in). She then combed my hair – yes combed. I bought 3 products bringing the total to $176.

Reviewed on 02.15.11

Stylist: Tracy

Thank you so much to all you wonderful ladies on this website who wrote in your recommendations for Tracy at 7 Salon. There are greeters, stylist assistants, changing rooms, hanging beads, beverage orders, and several great-looking people with big smiles behind a long table with their own computer screens ready to take appointments and money. I was hoping that at least I would walk out with a haircut that I didn't hate. In my humble opinion, Tracy is amazing. She herself had straight hair but after talking with her for 5 minutes, she had already inspired such confidence that I was excited to be sitting in her chair and I was sure I was going to love it. She knows her stuff. This was overall the best salon experience I have ever had in my 33 years on this planet. This salon is an experience and will set you back a pretty penny but it's worth it to walk out feeling like a million bucks.

Reviewed on 01.18.11

Stylist: Tracy

I also found Tracy from reviews on this site. When I went to see Tracy, I had diffused the left side of my head, just put product on the back and air-dry, and the left side had nothing and was air-dried. I did that because my hair looks completely different with each method, and barely shows any wave at all when wet. Tracy looked at each section and took time to talk to me about what I wanted, how I usually care for my hair and what she recommended. She was very enthusiastic about curly hair and very knowledgeable about the different ways to care for it and style it. She took the time to continue discussing my hair's condition, my daily routine and gave me a number of new tips and reinforced the good things I'd already been doing. She did a wonderful job on layering my difficult wavy hair. The layers are great, and she managed to keep the bottom of my hair still looking thick (which no other stylist has managed with layers). Two days later, when I washed and styled it myself, it still looks fabulous. I have movement, fullness and so much body. The layers blend so well with my hair, none of that step effect where you can see each layer. I have to recommend Tracy to any other wavies who have had a hard time getting a good cut! Yes, the price is a little high, but, a good cut will last a long time, and she was so very worth it. Can you really put a price on having good hair days all the time ^^ Go see Tracy!

Reviewed on 11.30.10

Stylist: Tracy

I highly recommend Tracy for unruly curly hair! Most stylists are overwhelmed with my thick, curly hair but this is Tracy's specialty and I couldn't be happier with my cut. My curls are much more manageable. She thins out my hair and calms it down.

Reviewed on 10.25.09

Stylist: Tracy

I went to Tracy based on the mostly positive reviews on this site, much in need of a rescue from a stylist at another salon. I told her I wanted to grow my hair out again, so didn't want to lose much length, but wanted it to be less lopsided. I'm so happy with it! She not only evened out my hair, she gave it a flattering, feminine shape. She didn't try to straighten my hair or pretend that it was anything other than what it is. Now I don't need to hide my hair with hats!

Reviewed on 06.08.09

Stylist: Tracy

I had gotten a bit ambivalent about my hair... until I got a really bad hair cut. This sent me to the internet as a cry for help and I found Tracy at 7 Salon. I just got back and I now remember how much I love my curls! Tracy not only fixed my bad cut but talked to me about WHY it was wrong... The Salon itself was great fun, too. Lots of energy and and an art-y vibe. FINALLY, I think this will work. Thank you, Tracy!

Reviewed on 05.08.09

Stylist: Tracy

I'm a stay at home mom to two little ones and don't have a lot of time to do my hair. I decided it was time to stop ignoring it completely and booked an appointment with Tracy (after reading many reviews online). She works wonders! Instead of cutting it and doing a style nobody can do themselves, she paid attention to what my hair does naturally and gave my hair (and me!) some extra TLC and showed me step by step how to achieve the look she gave me in a reasonable amount of time. If you want someone who is going to spend time with you, giving you personalized service Tracy is the one for you (especially if you have curly hair!) Book now! :) (Oh yeah, I can't forget to mention the amazing scalp massage, lattes and chocolate!) :)

Reviewed on 04.18.09

Stylist: Tracy Spurrell

Tracy is as good as they get! Without fail, at least a few times a year, curly-haired women chase me down the street to ask who cuts my hair. Tracy has a sense of style that isn't just about your hair. She gets to know you and gives you a cut that reflects who she sees. She is a class act.

Reviewed on 04.11.09

Stylist: Tracy, Stylist

If you're in the Bellevue/Seattle area please checkout Tracy: I just got my haircut today by Tracy at the 7 Salon in Bellevue Square, and she did an amazing job. I went in with a certain idea, and she improvised on what I wanted, and took it to the ultimate haircut level. Definitely, one of the best haircuts I ever received. Curly Note: Tracy notified me that 80% of her clients have curly hair, so she definitely no stranger to being an expert in styling and cutting curly hair. Extra: After the cut Tracy spent the time to showed me easy ways to style hair at home. (and I’m not a morning person;-)) Thanks Tracy!! /jz

Reviewed on 08.23.08

Stylist: Tracy

I found out about Tracy through this wonderful website. Wow! Tracy really impressed me from the moment we met! She was actually excited when she saw me and my head of massive 3b curls! I have BIG hair! She compared me to Robert Plant! We immediately connected and she took the time to really talk about my hair and what she thought would be the perfect way to cut and style it. She let me input my ideas as well. While she cut, we chatted. Even though I grabbed two magazines before I sat down, there was no reading to be done! I watched in awe as she clipped away and couldn't wait to see the finished product. After the cut, she re-wet my hair for easier handling and styling and actually took the time to twirl pieces of my hair with her fingers to make it more curly. She told me the steps I should take to get the same look. She then took the time to dry my hair using a diffuser, again explaining why she was doing that, and teaching me the same tricks. She was NOT in a hurry, and I really appreciated that. The products she used and recommended were fabulous, although a little spendy for me this day, as the cut itself set me back quite a few bucks! Sooo worth it, however. Finding Tracy makes me a happy gal! The end result is simply divine! As I walked back to my car, two different people told me they loved my hair! It is shorter, smaller(!), and soft and curly...perfection! This woman loves cutting curly hair, and it shows! Thank you Tracy! I will definitely see you again! Kimberlee Blake

Reviewed on 07.25.08

Stylist: Tracy

Tracy was my stylist for years and after blow-out after blow-out and haircuts that really looked better straight than curly, I realized I was never going to have the curly hair I wanted if I continued to see her, despite the fact that I liked her as a person. I was damaging my fine, highlighted, curly hair with blow-outs and flat ironing and she never understood how important it was to me to have a good cut I could wear curly, even though I told her repeatedly. I felt that she thought my curly hair was too imperfect to wear curly, so she never encouraged me to wear it natural. I've since switched to a stylist who wears her hair curly, understands that curly hair is by nature, rarely "perfect", but a good cut can do wonders towards making daily styling easier and helping you look better with the hair you were born with.

Reviewed on 04.20.08

Stylist: tracy

I read the postive feedback from other customers & had to give tracy a try to see what she could do w/ my unruly locks. I'm confident the cut she gave me is going to do wonders! I'm just a little disappointed that 1 inch turned into 3 or 4 .... I'll go back in 3 months per her recommendation.

Reviewed on 04.09.08

Stylist: Tracy

I went to Tracy a couple of weeks ago to get a haircut. I got her name off the website and thought she would be a perfect candidate for my damaged curly hair from all the relaxing I've done in the past. I was suprised by her reaction when I was finally able to see her after waiting about thirty minutes in the lobby. She told me the only thing she could do was to cut off 3 inches off my shoulder length hair. After suffering two to three years growing my hair out, that was out of the question. Tracy ended up not washing my hair but just told me to keep it in a bun for the next three months. Although, she sold me some amazing hair products which I'm using with along a recommendation of fish oil vitamins. In my opinion, I found Tracy to be a perfectionist and will only work with your hair if she can make it perfect whether it makes you happy or not. Honestly, I may try her again after 3 months but I went home in tears. She said shes only made two of her clients go home crying and I guess I was the third.

Reviewed on 04.07.08

Stylist: Tracy

She was amazing. My hair has never looked this good. She took the time to walk me through how to style my hair and gave me great tips on maintaining my color. She really loves working with curls, even though she has straight hair herself - don't judge! She will really amaze you. She is just a gem to talk to as well. You're missing out if you pass her by.

Reviewed on 03.07.08

Stylist: Tracy

You have to go see Tracy if you have Curly Hair!! I got her name of this site last week 12/12/07 and I have to honestly say she is the only one I have found since being here for about 2 years - that knows what she is doing.. She listens, not scissor happy - but takes the right amount off! She has suggestions that make since. And more importantly never brought up a flat iron to me and never mentioned blowing it out straight ... She loves working with curly hair and it shows.

Reviewed on 12.17.07

Stylist: Tracy Spurrell

She's the best! After years of searching for someone who understood how to cut curly hair, I found Tracy. Now, I'd follow her anywhere! Strangers stop me to ask who cuts my hair...and the curly haired ones find their way to her. If you visit the Seattle area, come see Tracy!

Reviewed on 07.05.07

Stylist: Tracy Spurell

Tracy is unquestionably the best stylist who has ever cut my hair. More than one person has stopped me on the street to either compliment me on my hair or ask who cuts it for me. Curly hair is her specialty and it shows!

Reviewed on 08.13.06