Maude Salon

1224 Quincy St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

User Reviews

Stylist: Jen

Jen is incredible at cutting my curly hair. I first found her at Moxie Salon and when she moved to Maude I followed. I have had tons and tons of bad haircuts and it took me forever to find a stylist that would actually *gasp* cut my hair dry!! Jen first cuts your hair dry, washes it, styles it, & dries it and then cuts again to make sure the curls are sitting nicely. Jen is awesome!

Reviewed on 07.09.10

Stylist: Jen

Like the other reviewer said, this is the same Jen from Moxie! I finally found her after searching for almost a year. After Jen left, I went to someone else at Moxie who razored my curls. This ruined my hair for about 8 months. Meanwhile, I tried Teresa at 42nd St. Salon. She was fine, but the cut cost $65 dollars and it was not as good as the cuts Jen used to give. I highly recommend Jen! She cuts your hair dry and massages your scalp. And Maude is a fabulous, hip, artsy salon in NE.

Reviewed on 07.13.09

Stylist: jen c

i used to see jen at moxie and i found her again at maude! everything is just as good as i remeber! i got a great dry cut before my color, a scalp massage and she used the new bed head styling products just for curls so i dont need 5 different products! i was confused by her new last name, she's getting married in a few weeks!

Reviewed on 08.29.08