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User Reviews

Stylist: Gill

Gill was horrible! i went to him about a month and a half ago. the shape he gave my hair was alright, but he wanted to thin it. usually i have this done when i get my hair cut but after reading up on curly hair i knew you weren't really supposed to. well gill had another way of thinning that i was really uneasy about, but i eventually let him talk me into doing it. to thin it he took little bits of hair randomly throughout and cut them to the scalp. he told me it was the only way to take out bulk on curly hair! i was really uneasy about it, but i was trying to keep an open mind and this is where it got me. a month and a half later i have little sprigs of curls poking out of my ponytails. thanks a lot gill!

Reviewed on 04.23.09

Stylist: GILL

Gill has curly hair himself so knows a thing or two about it and its limits. He has been cutting hair for 30 years and really knows how to do it. All I did was have him trim my long layers but it came out great. Will def. go back next time to him. $40 for a hair cut, which isn't bad.. and I LOVE IT! THANKS SO MUCH GILL!

Reviewed on 09.10.08