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User Reviews (7)

Stylist: Christy Stewart

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

OMG!!! Christy is a great stylist for curly hair. She took her time with my consultation and she is sweet and caring. All of you have had bad cuts before with stylists that didn't know how to cut our curly hair type. Well she knows what she is doing. Give her a try, you won't be disappointed. 918curls

Stylist: Debbie Freedman

I used to ask curly girls all the time, "Who cuts your hair?" Now people ask ME that question. That's because I get Debbie Freedman haircuts! And color too! Debbie knows how to highlight coarse, curly hair so highlights are ridiculously great. Yes, this head of hair can be anything it wants to be, thanks to Debbie. My cut gives me options: I can go curly, or blow dry, or flat iron, whatever I want.

REVIEWED BY: suswils  |  5.18.10

Stylist: Debbie Freedman

I have very coarse hair, and a VERY hard time finding someone who does a good job with curly/coarse. Debbie is FABULOUS! She's super sweet and very personable which is a huge bonus. I highly recommend her. Great color, great cut. A+++++

REVIEWED BY: Curly7  |  4.16.10

Stylist: Gregory Patterson

Gregory is a delightful man and clearly enjoys helping us achieve our best hair. I am so glad I found him. He really does understand curls. You won't regret going to him.

Stylist: Gregory Patterson

I was really nervous about my haircut, but Gregory was AWESOME! He made me feel SO welcome, and comfortable, and he was great with my wavy hair. He made me laugh the whole time, and took a ton of time with me, telling me what he was doing, and showing me how to style my hair on my own. I will definitely be back! I love Gregory!

Stylist: Gregory Patterson

I asked for Gregory after reading the positive comments for him and took a leap to try out this salon! I am so glad I did! I love the casual vibe and the friendly staff (from the lady who answered the phone). Gregory was fabulous: he really listened to my concerns and gave me a spectacular haircut that is truly wash and wear and I have received many rave reviews on my new style! I have given it a few weeks and my hair still looks great. I will definitely be back! Thanks, Gregory!

REVIEWED BY: San3  |  8.21.09

Stylist: Gregory

Gregory moved from Atmosphere Salon in Phoenix to here. He has several great reviews under their salon as well. I had never been to Gregory before this weekend and I was defiantly impressed, not only did he know more about curly hair than anyone that I have ever been to but he was also a really cool person. He took the time to explain the cut and color technique as he was styling my hair, I could just tell that he was very educated about curly hair. Problems I have had in that past is that a cut is great when you leave the salon but when I go to do it myself it turn out blah, but I love my new cut and have gotten several compliments. I highly recommend Gregory.