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Stylist: Valerie

After discovering this website, I realized I hadn't been doing my hair justice by going to a salon not specialized in curly hair. So I researched reviews, found this salon (which is 30 minutes from me) and made the appointment. I was very optimistic and excited after reading all the reviews of Valerie's work. Unfortunately, I was let down. I didn't get a friendly vibe from the salon and Valerie was cold and indifferent. It was toward the end of the work day so maybe she was tired, but she was also cocky about her reviews on here after hearing another stylist say they both use the deva method. Personality aside, my cut was just ok. I came with pictures and was very clear with what I wanted: lots of layers on top without sacrificing length. I like my hair to have a lot of body and without the layers, it lays flat like an A shape around my head. She cut a few short pieces, and when I asked her to go a little more dramatic she was hesitant, but did go a little shorter where I asked. The next day my hair looked great, in comparison to what it was. However 3 days later, it was back to the dull locks with no body. I won't be returning. (This was only my first real "curly" hair cut, my second at Salon Fiber in Phoenixville was much better. 2 months later my hair still looks like I just stepped out of the salon).

Stylist: Valerie

After discovering this website and getting sick of the same hairstyle with few layers I've had for years, I realized I needed a new salon. So I researched reviews and found this salon, which is about a half hour from me. I was optimistic after reading about how great Valerie is how welcoming the salon was. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I went after work at 630, I guess toward the end of their workday. The receptionist was nice, but Valerie felt cold and unpersonable. She was also cocky about the reviews she gets on here, when she overheard another stylist saying they both use the deva method. She did a fine cut, not exactly what I asked, was even hesitant to go shorter on the layers when I requested. I went in with pictures and was very clear on what I expected. My hair looked good for about 3 days until the layers were no longer noticeable and it was as if I had gone months without a cut. I won't be returning.

Stylist: Valarie Vasaturo

I got a great Deva cut today!! From the moment you walk into the salon you feel welcomed. Everyone is very friendly. Valarie took the time to listen to me and understand what I wanted with my hair. She is excellent at cutting curly hair (she's a curly girl herself)--it's her specialty. Each curl was evaluated and cut dry. I was amazed at how good my hair looked dry. It lay perfectly. She gave great info on hair products, how to style, how often to cut it and how to care for it. The cost was reasonable, considering it took around 45 minutes to cut my hair. I didn't realize how good my hair would look until I did it myself; it looks flawless, beautiful bouncy curls with little product. I definitely recommend her for curly hair. I myself will be going back in a few months!!

Stylist: Valerie

I had my first curly cut with Valerie, and I couldn't believe such huge results could be achieved from such a small trim. I am growing out my hair and Valerie left my length but cut all of my problem spots. Now I have no problem spots, and I have wash and wear hair. Literally. I do nothing but put styling cream in and go. She is awesome and is a curly girl herself. This made me feel more comfortable, because I knew she understood how hard curly hair can be.