Sirens Salon

4207 Medical Pkwy
Austin, TX 78756

User Reviews

Stylist: Kathryn Esquivel

We're always checking out the stylists in the Austin area who have a reputation for working with curly hair. Kathryn is incredibly knowledgable about curly hair. She gave my daughter a beautiful cut but also gave her a bunch of easy styling tips. She definitely knows her curly hair! I highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 11.25.15

Stylist: Robin Houk

I was looking for an edgy cut, which is a bit of a tall order for curly hair. Robin has cut my hair twice now, and I leave with an excellent style and a great cut. She works well with someone who is very open to suggestions and willing to give new things a try. I know that can be scary with curly hair, but she's brilliant.

Reviewed on 06.06.14

Stylist: Barbara Morin

I just saw Barbara for the first time this Friday (5/31/12). I am very pleased both with Barbara’s mad skills and the atmosphere of the salon. I have been duped into terrible haircuts by folks who claim to be familiar with curly hair. Due to this, I became very leery about people cutting my hair. So much so, I’ve really ‘let my hair go’. It is in terrible shape. A good friend of mine, who knows my stylist hang-ups, provided me Barbara’s credentials, which I decided was worth giving her a try. I am so glad I did. She told me what I needed to do as far a general care, styling, etc. and, in my case, hair repair. She understood what I was trying to achieve with my first cut. That is a big deal to me. Everyone wants to chop off too much to my liking, not taking in consideration my curls spring factor, thus my hair will remain ‘too short’ seemingly forever. Lucky for me, Barbara uses the dry cutting method, observing my curls in their natural state, and predicting where there would spring to next once slightly shortened. I did spend a pretty penny, but I also got color (Did I mention she also specializes in color), and bought a bunch of products (I was fresh out of everything and ready for some new stuff – and she never pushed me to buy all that I did). Once we get my hair in better shape and my color where it needs to be, it shouldn’t cost me nearly as much. Either way, it was totally worth it. I’m looking forward to my next visit. From one curly gal to another, especially if you have previously been traumatized by some know-it-all wielding scissors, you have to go visit Barbara. I planned on writing a review the day I set my appointment, and I am really glad I am able to leave such a positive review. Did I mention the referral deal? Referring folks earns you a discount, so if you tell her Jen sent you, that would be really cool.

Reviewed on 06.04.12

Stylist: Barbara Morin

I just saw Barbara this past Friday. I thought she was wonderful. She was very familar with curly hair and it's wiley ways. My hair is in pretty bad shape. She was able to provide me with tons of information about how to wash, dry, add product, condition and style my type of curls (in their type of condition). I'm looking forward to repairing my hair with Barbara's help. On a side note, the reason my hair is in such disarray is because I've been burned by one too many stylist that just 'know' curly hair. So much that I just didn't trust anyone. Yay trust! The atmosphere of the salon was pleasant. It may cost you a pretty penny, I know it did for me, BUT I also had to have it colored (grays and repair process from my box dye a few months back), and I bought a bunch of product. Surely as my hair gets itself in better condition, it shouldn't cost me as much and my visits may not need to be as frequent (which is a shame, because I had such a nice time). Oh, as mentioned in other reviews there is a referral tell her Jen sent you. :)

Reviewed on 06.04.12

Stylist: Barbara Morin

I had my first cut with Barbara yesterday and it was fantastic! As a curly girl with very thick long hair, I am very particular about who I go to. Barbara was highly recommended to me by a friend with one of the cutest curly cuts I've seen. She has been going to her for 7 years. Barbara did a free consultation with me during which we talked about possible styles and tips for easy up dos in the summer. I wanted to get my hair cut that day, but had already put in product and had styled it. She cuts hair dry in the Deva Curl method and so it is best to come in with unstyled dry hair in order to see where the curls fall. She did me a huge favor by washing my hair allowing me to come back later that afternoon with dry hair for the cut. I have gotten nothing but compliments today! I would highly recommend her to people with curly hair!

Reviewed on 05.26.11

Stylist: Lindsey Sessions

This girl is so talented! I had not had my hair cut by someone knowledgeable in over two years, and by the time I walked out of there not only did all the clients want to touch my hair, the stylists did, too! She knew exactly what she was doing, tells you how to get the salon look at home, makes you feel so at ease, and you walk away beautiful. Her cuts are mid-range (around $50), and she has a referral rewards program-every three customers you refer to her, you get a free cut :) I really encourage everyone to go to her (and tell her Lauren Miller sent you!)

Reviewed on 09.21.08