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Stylist: Cori

Rating: Salon Rating: 1 Scissors

I wish I could remove the review I posted 5 years ago, but unfortunately that does not appear to be an option. So instead, I'll clarify that I no longer endorse Cori. The first time or two I went to see her, I sort of let her take the wheel and the result was good. But after that, I had several bad experiences. Despite being a "curl expert," she always seemed shocked and annoyed to see how much curly hair I have. She took FOREVER AND A DAY to do my hair and in the end, the result was not at all what I asked for. The last time I ever went to her, I asked for a cut to my shoulders and what I got was a literal FRO that went to my ears. It was a hideous disaster and definietly not the work of any sort of "curl specialist." Be prepared to pay a lot of money for a very unsatifying cut.

Stylist: Cori

Rating: Salon Rating: 2 Scissors

My review is similar to others experiences with Cori. As sweet and kind as a person as she is, I really wanted to like her as a stylist. Unfortunately, this wasn't to be. I moved to the D.C./NOVA area a month before finding her on naturallycurlycom and deciding to give her a try. I will say I did put Cori at a slight disadvantage since I didn't have my hair fully done that day, and it was partially pulled back. So you know, depending on the day I have a 3a or 3b hair type. I'm also not the type of person that fully subscribes to any trendy, of the moment insert "x" here. So I don't go out of my way to find someone who "only" cuts the deva way or some other non-sense. I think learning multiple ways to cut an already difficult type of hair, most definitely makes you a better stylist. But please do no sell me some kind of crazy this way or the highway nutters.... I'm just not buying what your are selling, but thank you. For months after the hair cut Cori gave me, I was bitting my lip not to curse her in the mirror every time my sides fell into my eyes or all the bobby pins I now had to use to pull it back and keep it in place. You see, I was in the process of growing my hair out, which I kindly explained to Cori and even though my hair was not in bad shape it was cut much, much, much shorter than we discussed. Needless to say, I won't go back and allow her to touch... let alone cut my hair. I found a new place. Feel free to view my other review if you want a referral. Best of luck in your search regardless. : )

Stylist: Cori

I went to see Cori after reading the positive reviews. She was extremely friendly and seemed knowledgeable. She seemed to listen to my concerns. I told her that while my hair could handle some layers they had to be random and "choppy" or they would create a ledge when they dried and shrunk. I also told her that my hair was quite curly even though it looked relatively straight from wearing it up all day. Unfortunately, i don't think she believed how curly my hair is or how much it would shrink. She cut a single layer into the hair and left me with a short ledge on the sides and front. Everytime I wear my hair up I have to use several bobby pins on the side curls or have this weird vail of curls hanging to my ears. As much as I liked her, I won't be back.

Stylist: Cori

I created an account just so I could write this review. Cori is awesome! She really takes her time and she listens! At the same time, if you have any doubts, she's full of very helpful tips and suggestions. She comes up with a thorough plan for how to cut / highlight / style your hair. She gave my very persnickety 3B hair a totally new style, yet it's still manageable and healthy as ever. I've tried out several different hair salons in the northern Virginia area, and I've finally found a place that I'm coming back to!

Stylist: Cori Simon

I tried Cori Simon when my curly "specialist" called in sick for the 3rd time 2 years ago, and I never went back. Cori is great with any kind of hair, but her specialty is curly hair. The curlier, the better. She is also great with color. Other stylists matched my original color, but she matches the color with my skin tone and eyes. She takes the time to listen and makes sure you are happy with your cut before you leave.