The Salon at 10 Newbury

10 Newbury St.
Boston, MA 02116

User Reviews

Stylist: Christopher

I live in CT but the curly stylist I saw - the only curly stylist in my area of CT - moved out of state. Since I go to Boston regularly, I decided to give Salon at 10 Newbury a shot after reading the positive reviews for Dailin. She, however, was out of town the week I was going to be there and I needed a cut pretty badly (I go 6+ months before a cut, the life of a grad student...) The receptionist said Christopher did curly cuts and I decided that would be fine. I've been to Christopher twice now, and I have had great cuts. The first time I wanted my "trim," keeping it long since my 3b/c hair curls best with length and the second time, in the middle of the summer, I impulsively decided to go shorter, slightly longer than shoulder length. Both cuts were very very good. Christopher listened and took his time. He didn't push products. However, I am not going back. I debated for a while, hence the 4 star review, but I've decided to move on from Christopher. Christopher kept hitting on me the ENTIRE time I was in the chair. Deva cuts take quite a bit of time and while I'm not sure if it is my hair or if Christopher just wanted to keep me in the seat longer, I decided I don't want to deal with over an hour of uncomfortable exchanges. I found it especially disturbing the second time when he 1) recognized me and 2) remembered that I have a boyfriend and am off the market. The first visit I let it slide because the cut was amazing, but after the second time, I decided it wasn't worth it (especially @ $100/cut). In sum - great hair cut so if you are a guy, or not particularly attractive, or don't mind a borderline inappropriate stylist, then I'd recommend Christopher. I just don't find constant compliments about my appearance flattering, and comments about how "if only i were single" pleasant. Instead, I'm going to try out Freestyle in Watertown.

Reviewed on 12.29.11

Stylist: Dailin

Wow. I went to see Dailin after reading her reviews. This was the first haircut I ever had where I wasn't telling the stylist what NOT to do to my hair. She knew way more about my hair than I did and gave me so many helpful suggestions to keep my curls strong and frizz free. I never knew that was possible. I felt like a hundred bucks leaving that salon... and my hair was curly not blown out. My curls are really small corkscrews, about the size of a my ring finger. I highly recommend her to anyone who has even the slightest wave to get her Deva Cut. It will be the best thing that ever happened to you. I wish I had some of her cards to hand out when I left. I wanted to give them to complete strangers. As a side note, she used Deva product line on my hair and I left with hair that smelled eatable - yum! They worked so well that when I slept on it and woke up the next day I could still wear my hair out with no frizz! That is a first. Summary: Best haircut ever.

Reviewed on 04.04.10

Stylist: Dailin

I went to Dailin after reading the reviews here. She's fantastic! I've had my hair cut by curly experts before but never a Deva cut. First of all, she's very friendly and warm. She listened to what I had to say about my hair, how it behaved, what I wanted from it. She asked me lots of questions about how I took care of it and offered tons of advice. The whole cut took about 2.5 hours from start to finish. She took her time, examined each curl and she loved every minute of it almost as much as I did. She truly celebrates your curls and loves them as much as she loves her own. What a positive experience! Now, I don't have to do much to style my hair at all. I now clip my hair from time to time to get that volume at the roots. Otherwise, I don't need to do anything and because of the cut, my hair looks perfect every time.

Reviewed on 02.21.10

Stylist: Dailin Davila

I can't recommend Dailin highly enough. She's cut my hair 5 times in the past two years and I've never been disappointed. She always does a great job shaping my cuts to my face and is always respectful of what I want. My curls now look defined and healthy, and are easy to maintain. I drive all the way to Boston from Western MA to see her when I'm home from college. She's the person to go to for anyone in New England who needs a great stylist!

Reviewed on 03.02.09

Stylist: Dailin Davila

My mid-twenties daughter recently had her long very thick curly hair cut by Deva trained stylist Dailin Davila. My daughter has had a lot of experience with stylists who seemed overwhelmed by the abundance of her hair. But Dailin celebrated it. Beautiful cut! She was really excited for my daughter as she took her from reluctant to curly girl! Very nice and attentive. Taught her how to style too. Highly recommend.

Reviewed on 09.29.08