206 Tamalpais Drive
Corte Madera, CA 94925

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Stylist: Rachel

Rachel is the best stylist I have ever had. If you live in California and are looking for a stylist who understands how to style curly hair, do yourself a favor and go see her. Since I live in New York City and had followed the Devachan system so faithfully I thought the obvious solution was to go to the actual (and world famous) Devachan Salon downtown. For a variety of reasons I got a very bad, generic haircut for a very, very expensive price. I was styled by a staff of people who spent very little time looking at my hair and a lot of time telling me about their proven system for “curly hair”, which was applied in the most generalized fashion possible. However, the tea they served was delicious. When I flew out to visit my sister in Marin she took me to see Rachel who fixed everything. As another reviewer said, Rachel is “personable”. I knew right away that she was committed in making sure I got a great haircut. The girl knows curls and she knows about all the books, products, and systems we are all using or trying. She will take the time to get to know you, find out what system you are currently using, talk to you about what is working and what isn’t, and will give you a haircut that works for your curls. If she ever came to New York City, we would welcome her with open arms. I miss you Rachel.

Reviewed on 09.23.09

Stylist: Rachel

I've been going to Rachel for literally years. She has beautiful, long, naturally wavy/curly hair and she knows how to cut/trim, color, and style hair to make it look its very best. I remember the first time that I met her....she sat down with me and we talked for a while before she even touched my hair. She took the time to find out what I wanted, etc. It was great! She's not "scissor happy" at all, as another reviewer put it. She's kind, funny, listens, and you feel like you're "working together" on your hair. To put it bluntly, she really knows what she's doing and I'd recommend her to anyone! :-)

Reviewed on 09.16.09

Stylist: Rachel

The reviews on this site for Rachel were a bit older, but I found positive reviews on Yelp too, so went there tonight for the first time. Rachel is personable and listened to me. She was open to the fact that I didn't want to shampoo my hair, and was direct with me when I asked questions. My hair was not in disastrous shape, but did need a *curly* cut. She cut my hair, working carefully with the curl, then styled it with products similar to what I use at home, and then let me air dry for a while. Once it was mostly dry, she piece cut some more - more able to work with the curl in its drier form. It was nice that she asked so many questions about how I care for my hair, and incorporated them into how she cut it. She's helping me grow out some bangs and bad shaping, so had told me not to come back for 3-4 months, but I will definitely be going back at that time.

Reviewed on 12.16.08

Stylist: Rachel

Rachel ROCKS! She's a curly-haired girl who understands the intricacies of curly hair and cuts it appropriately. She did a wonderful job correcting a disastrous "triangle" cut done by another very straight-haired stylist. Rachel is warm, friendly and talented! She listens to what you want and makes it happen. I highly recommend her for both cuts and color.

Reviewed on 11.16.06

Stylist: Rachel

Rachel has curly hair and really knows how to get rid of the mushroom layers and triangle head. She takes her time to get to know you and isn't scissor happy. She gets that curly hair shrinks!! Plus the salon is way cool. Not uppity or fancy. Kinda like getting your hair done in someones house. Just comfy. She has her own phone line so if you call the shop ask for her #. She's a lot of fun and does great cuts. What more could you want?

Reviewed on 09.21.06