6 Degrees

47 Bow Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

User Reviews

Stylist: Heather

Great salon! I had 3A curls down to my waist and wanted to bring up the length and add layers throughout. I had her take off about 6 inches of hair (lots of damaged color treated hair) and give me a dry "deva" cut. Heather did a great job and I love my haircut! The salon is very clean and has amazing views of the port, receptionist asked if I wanted anything to drink, and was very friendly and attentive. Note: This is a "no-tipping" salon, and you pay one price ($65). This makes everything really easy, and bypasses that awkward "how much should I tip?" scenario. I also appreciate that she asked me about my hair and what products I use (and don't use-cones/sulfates) and mentioned, but didn't push the deva product line. She also gives a great scalp massage and is just a generally friendly, awesome person. I highly recommend!

Reviewed on 06.09.12

Stylist: Jessica

Really SEES her clients and knows curly hair. Great value!

Reviewed on 01.19.11

Stylist: Angel

I went back a 2nd time to see Angel and was very disappointed. She spent about 15mns cutting my hair, the layers were left too long and were not blending in with the length. I was very clear with what I wanted, I picked up my hair to show her how much I wanted cut etc. When I called to see her again to fix it I didn't appreciate her "tone." This was after waiting DAYS for a call back and getting no response to my e-mails. I had a friend cut my hair and she understood all of my concerns and fixed what was bothering me. Needless to say I wouldn't go back to 6 degrees and have a hard time recommending them.

Reviewed on 08.21.10

Stylist: Angel

Angel is the owner of this salon and I have to say I'm much more confident in her ability to cut my hair then Sherry. I didn't like the way the Deva cut grew in at all. It was very un-uniform, growing in strangely, too thin on the bottom and just uneven overall. I patiently waited 8 weeks for it to grow in and it was difficult to work with the entire time! Angel understood my concerns and confirmed everything I disliked. She gave me a beautiful wet cut and I plan on seeing her again. There was no breaking in period, it was easy to work with right away.

Reviewed on 03.22.10

Stylist: Sherry

I found Sherry to be very professional & attentive. She listened to me and spent a great deal of time layering my thick, coarse hair. I had to go back after a few days to fix a few details. Sherry graciously listened to my concerns and proceeded to touch up the areas that needed more layering. I love the fact that this a non tipping salon as well makes it so much easier!

Reviewed on 01.28.10

Stylist: Jessica

One of the few times in recent memory I've walked out of the salon happy! Jessica really listened to everything I asked for. The salon is in a great spot overlooking the water and everyone was friendly. An all around great experience.

Reviewed on 09.12.09

Stylist: Jessica

She was great! My last cut was at Devachan in NYC, and I was thrilled that I didn't have to make the trip down there for another cut. Jessica knew what she was doing with curly hair; she gave me a great cut. Even with the 100% humidity and rain that day, she handled things superbly!

Reviewed on 07.06.09

Stylist: Jessica

I had a great cut at this salon. What a fantastic experience. I am truly a fan of the deva curl technique and Jessica was wonderful. I have had lots of bad haircuts but this counts as one of the few awesome haircuts I have had in 30 years!!

Reviewed on 12.02.08

Stylist: Sherry

Sherry gave me the same treatment that I received at the Soho Devachan salon. She was a rep for the Deva products for many years and was trained by Lorraine Massey and assisted Deva with training stylists in cutting curly hair and using the Deva products. She cut my hair dry, giving me overall shape first, then paid attention to the individual curls. After that, she conditioned my hair and gently dried it. Wow. What a great cut. I have a new stylist. If you're looking for the kind of treatment described in the book The Curly Girl, this is where to find it.

Reviewed on 10.17.08