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User Reviews (4)

Stylist: Jodie

Rating: Salon Rating: 4 Scissors

The whole staff is warm and friendly, providing tea or wine to enjoy while you get pampered. Jodie provided a fabulous curl-positive experience :) She has several regular curlies (now including myself) and is very knowledgable about how very different curls can be - she spent a good deal of time asking about my curls and my routine/ products. Oh, and as an FYI, the Sonia named by previous reviews no longer works at Mia Bella.

Stylist: Sonia

After reading the reviews on this site, I got a haircut from Sonia. She is really good and knowledgeable about curly hair. I always had long hair because I could not find a good stylist. This is the first time I have my hair short and I am loving it! Sonia is the best!

Reviewed by Tenny on 2.5.09

Stylist: Sonia

Finally someone who can cut curly hair! This was a great experience. Sonia really knows her stuff and she gave me a great cut, turning my ambivalent frizz into these lovely bouncy curls.

Stylist: Sonia

I have to say, I don't normally do this. But I got the best hair cut i have ever had. When you have naturally curly hair it can be difficult to find a good cutter. Thank you sonia